Review: Fortune – Limited Edition Pre-Release EP – Errigal Music – Release: Out now

Review: Fortune – Limited Edition Pre-Release EP – Errigal Music – Release: Out now.

The debut album from the American Fortune which was released in 1985, has gained the status of an undisputed classic in the melodic rock genre. The band didn’t had a long live despite the quality on that album. Singer L.A. Greene founded Harlan Cage and released four albums during the 90’ties. But the fans kept screaming for a reunion and the band was on the bill for the Rockingham festival in 2016. The response they received from the audience during their gig was so overwhelming that they decided to write some new music. Last year they were again invited to the same festival and they even played two new songs last year. Only there you could get a copy of this EP.
The band has recently signed a deal with Frontiers Music and a full album will be released early 2019.

Fortune is:
Richard Fortune – guitars, vocals
Mick Fortune – drums
L.A. Greene – lead vocals
Ricky Rat – bass, vocals
Mark Nilan – keys

‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ is a track that follows the recipe from that wonderful debut album. Lots of keys and edged riffs get the company of the warm voice from L.A. . The song builds up to the chorus and Richard Fortune ices the cake with a great melodic guitar solo. The solo is kind of repeated at the end of the song as well.

‘Overload’ has a main riff that gets stuck in your head. The contrast between the rather heavy riff and the ‘happy’ sounding keys makes this a real treat for melodic rock lovers. The riff sounds a bit threatening and the brothers Fortune grant us solid precis drumming and slightly soaring guitars.

The keys are more dominant during ‘What A Fool I’ve Been’. But Mick grants us some squeaking guitar sounds as well. The chorus is pure delight with 80’ties keys and some subtle backing vocals. The last track on this exclusive EP is the most divers from them all. An acoustic intro with more modern sounding guitars and rather unusual (for Fortune standards) drum sounds. But the chorus is again pure Fortune as we known them.

These tracks are a fine appetizer for the upcoming album! I just can’t wait to hear that collection of songs…. But it isn’t 2019 yet, so let’s give this one another spin, shall we!

Score: 4 out of 5

1. Don’t Say You Love Me
2. Overload
3. What A Fool I’ve Been
4. New Orleans

Fortune Facebook
Frontiers Music

Tekst: Rik Bauters

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