Review: Iron Fire – Among the Dead – Crime Records – Release: Out Now

Review: Iron Fire – Among the Dead – Crime Records – Release: Out Now.

Iron Fire2000 always seems like it’s only a short while ago, yet it’s actually 16 years since Iron Fire’s debut album “Thunderstorm” came out! 16 years of power metal later we have arrived at album number 8 with “Among the Dead” which shows that the band is most certainly not among the dead!

Filled to the brim with 90s power/heavy metal infused tracks this album is perfect for just driving your car at top speed and rocking along. Despite just being a three-piece the band manages to lay down a good heavy sound, while at the same time having quite a diverse playlist. It’s a bit of a shame that the production just lacks that much needed oomph to really get you going. Still, when you get used to that you’ll easily slip into each new song, as each of them is highly catchy and there are many singalong parts along the road.

It’s just a shame that the band chose to end the album with the quite cheesy ‘When the Lights Go Out’, because the blast that came before suddenly evaporates. Luckily the CD version at least has a great bonus track to wash away the bad taste with Metallica’s classic ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’!

Score: 3.8 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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