Iron Mask’s debut album “Revenge Is My Name” was released in 2002. The band around Belgian guitar wizard Dushan Petrossi made the biggest leap forward and impressed three years later with “Hordes Of The Brave”. The more than four years break before the next album “Shadow Of The Red Baron” saw the first light of day was due to a death in the family of Petrossi. The step out of the underground was done with the previous album “Black As Death” (released in late 2011). This was not only the first album for AFM Records but also the first with legendary Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) on vocals. Now Dushan & co are back with the new “Fifth Son Of Winterdoom”.

Iron Mask is:

Mark Boals – Vocals
Dushan Petrossi – Guitars
Vassili Moltchanov – Bass
Andreas Lindhal – Keyboards
Ramy Ali – Drums


download (5)Very melodic and catchy as hell guitars kick off this album. It’s immediately clear that the new album will not be a copy of the previous pounding “Black As Death” album. The overall sound is more happy and has some influences from the melodic rock scene. Besides Dushan’s guitar frenzy singer Mark Boals is the other shining star on this track. The duels between Dushan and Andreas on keys gave me a heaven on earth feeling. The faster “Like A Lion In A Cage” is a pure neoclassical power metal track. Dushan can’t hide his Malmsteen influences here. But unlike his hero he doesn’t let his guitar take over and he is more than capable of writing down some excellent compositions. The powerful drumming from Ramy Ali draws your attention. The short and much slower “Only One Commandment” is dominated by a strong heavy riff and the power throat from Mark.

“Seven Samurai” is a pedal to the medal track again. This time around Dushan’s guitar work smells even a bit thrashy with a touch of prog metal. The drumming from Ali is out of this world again and the keys from Andreas deliver extra layers to the song. The ten minute long title track begins calm like a film score with some Celtic instruments and percussion from the Middle Ages. The long instrumental break here is a confirmation of the superb songwriting skills from Dushan. Lend your ear to the final melodic guitar parts and you’ll catch my drift. We ride the catchy train again with “Angel Eyes, Demon Soul”. Influences from melodic rock bands from the 80’s come into mind here. Dushan’s guitar work is extraordinary and hugely contagious. The power metal hymn “Rock Religion” continues and holds a perfect singalong chorus. The heartfelt ballad “Father Farewell” describes the mourning from Petrossi by the loss of his father. This track contains tons of true emotions and I truly believe his father will be proud!

“Reconquista 1492” has an acoustic and flamenco guitar intro. Some Oriental influences shine through in this varied track with huge instrumental parts! The album comes to it’s end with the catchy and melodic “Run To Me” and the long closer “The Picture Of Dorian Grey”. Powerful drums, tasty riffs and frolic keys are the main ingredients here. Every instrument claims his rights here and for me the keys won this battle (I’m a melodic rock fan) when I listened to the instrumental break. But the other contenders are all close on his heels. Pointless to say that Mark delivers the goods as well.

Dushan learned from the concerts he played that the fans wanted to hear some catchy tunes. Well with this album the fans are getting what they want. Dushan has made an album where his guitar plays several different styles. Dushan’s playing was in the past more than once compared with his idol Yngwie Malmsteen. But this time around he succeeded to put this to a minimum. The combination of the catchy sound and the great vocals from Mark make this a real treat for melodic rock fans. This album can easily be played in one go and puts every time a big smile on my face.

Score: 4,25 out of 5


  1. Back Into Mystery
  2. Like A Lion In A Cage
  3. Only One Commandment
  4. Seven Samurai
  5. Fifth Son Of Winterdoom
  6. Angel Eyes, Demon Soul
  7. Rock Religion
  8. Father Farewell
  9. Eagle Of Fire
  10. Reconquista 1492
  11. Run To Me
  12. The Picture Of Dorian Grey


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