Izegrim was one of the first metalbands I have witnessed live back then when I still was a little boy. Still wet behind the ears concerning metal. So Izegrim always got a sort of special place in this pumping metalheart of mine. They where one of those bands who made me into metal. (of course Pre-Mortem same story)  With me getting Ill and had to focus on some more important things in life than metal (yes staying alive is more important than music 😛 ), I lost track of this marvelous band. With me in good health now, I was glad to see that Izegrim still was going strong. They delivered an awesome record through Listenable Records and start creating a fanbase worldwide. Now it’s time to blast the new record: “Congress of the Insane”

Izegrim is:


Marloes – vocals + bass
Ivo – drums
Bart – guitar
Jeroen – guitar



Congress of the Insane!
With Relic of the past  Izegrim  immediately puts a stamp on  the sound of this record. It’s more slamming, rougher and damn Marloes sounds so fucking nasty. One of the things that stand out on this record is the grow in growls from Marloes. Her vocals have a wider range. There is more variety and this makes it even more fun to listen to this blonde metalgoddes! And of course she still knows to play  her bass.

Enough about Marloes there are more outstanding members in this band.  Take Jeroen  and Bart for example. They really knows how to pull those strings. This time around they are not just showing off their speeding skills but showing a more mature melodic vibe in their  playing. This guitar duo really deliver some insane riffing! Ivo is the  maniac on the drums. He is really slamming his way throughout the album destroying everything on his path!

Of course good artist don’t always make a good record. For a good record you need some good songwriting! With this album the band shows that they don’t lack in those skill either. The song structures are solid as a rock. For me no fillers on this record. Each song is a treat for death thrash fanatics out there!  Enough room on this album to bang around your living room, but also some nice melodic passages to catch your breath before the riffs kick in brutal again.

What you can expect on the new full-length is a more brutal Izegrim with less fiddling and speeding up things. They matured a lot in their playing and it seemed they found a sound that suits them best!  Now it’s time to see them live again very soon and see what the songs will do live!

01 Relic of the Past
02 Decline and Fall
03 Celebratory Gunfire
04 Endless Strife
05 Deterioration from Perfection
06 Unchallenged Dominance
07 Modern Day Freak
08 The Legion
09 Carousel of Death
10 Manifest of a Megalomaniac (featuring Sabina Classen, Holy Moses)
11 Carnival of Deception

Score 4 out 5

With “Congres of the Insane” , Izegrim takes that step to the next level. Pure death thrash from the Netherlands ready to take over the world!


 Tekst Ronald van de Baan