Review: Master – The Witchhunt – FDA Rekotz – Out now

Master – The Witchhunt –  FDA Rekotz –  Out now

Master. What’s in a name hey? Well to me what Motorhead (Lemmy) is for the rockworld,  Master (Paul)  is for death metal. Since the early 80ties Paul is responsible for the most brutal insane riffing. Paul got this monster up and running for several decades now.  With much touring and a savage lifestyle, in combo with some of the nastiest riffs out there, makes Master truly a death metal legend! The band got numerous of classics on their name and now it’s time to unleash beast number 12: The Witchhunt


Master is:


Paul Speckmann – Bass and Vocals
Alex Nejezchleba – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Zdenek Pradlovsky – Drums

The Witchhunt
master_witchhunt_frontcoverWhat happens when a band hits number 12 on their discography… will we get more of the same, or is their room for some experiment? Well it’s safe to say that Paul and the gang did not change much in their act. Besides perhaps a slightly better production, it’s all pure logic what blasts out of the speakers. No such thing as high technical solo twaddling. Put pure roaring death ‘n roll. The vocals got nicely vomited out of the speakers and giving the old school vibe we all love of Master! Even though there are no surprises for me on this album , Paul still delivers. Why change something winning right? The headbangers can take a real blast on the killer song “Waiting to die“. This song really is pure heaven (or hell)  for over 7 minutes. The song’s got everything we need from a Master song. Brutal with great riffing molded  in a solid song structure, blasting the guts out of you!

Lyrical wise we get not the standard gore lyrics. As used we got more of a political point of view. Master lyrical wise always get a sort of punk vibe!

Master got no new tricks! Just hit play and enjoy this old school ride of death.

Score 4 out 5

 Track listing:

  1. The Witchhunt
  2. Plans of Hate
  3. Another Suicide
  4. Waiting to Die
  5. The Parable
  6. God of Thunder
  7. Remove the Clowns
  8. Raise your Sword
  9. Wipe out the Aggressor
  10. Manipulated to Exterminate
  11. The American Dream

Text: Ronald van de Baan