Review: Maverick – Big Red – Metalapolis Records – Release: Out Now

Review: Maverick – Big Red – Metalapolis Records – Release: Out Now.

Maverick are five musicians from Belfast/Northern Ireland and since their inception in August 2012 they have always strived to entertain as a live act and stand out from the rest. The first release was the EP “Talk’s Cheap” which was self-released in 2013. They caught the attention of German label Massacre Records and the first full album “Quid Pro Quo” saw the light of day in 2014. After the release they went on the road together with Swedish superstars The Poodles for a three-week tour in Europe.
After the tour Maverick decided to start a new chapter and signed to Metalapolis Records. “Big Red” is the first release on that label.

Maverick is:
David Balfour – Vocals
Ryan Balfour – Guitars
Terry McHugh – Guitars
Richie Diver – Bass
Mike Ross – Drums

Big Red
maverickThe album kicks into gear with a roaring guitar sound! The guitars are pure delight on this album. Ryan Balfour and Terry McHugh produce sparky big hooks and monstrous riffs. But singer David Balfour is another winner in the team. He looks like a mixture of glam and punk (sorry David), but his voice is out of this world. ‘All For One’ is an up-tempo track that sets the standard. The bass from Richie Diver injects this tune with some deep vibrating soundwaves! Mike Ross is the beat machine that becomes the backbone of their sound!

The guitar riffs are catchy as hell and get stuck in your head! The backing vocals enhance the glam content and make you shout along with ‘Free’. The sharp and contagious riff becomes a perfect symbiosis with the melodic vocals from David at the start of the über catchy ‘The One’. You simply have to move as many body parts as possible when you listen to this track. So ladies and gents, be warned when you listen to this in the shower! David lets us enjoy his more raspy voice during the furious ‘Mademoiselle’. One of the highlights on this disc if you ask me! Let’s talk solos now! Those are always fireworks and to me they are a cocktail of Eddy Van Halen and Nuno Bettencourt!

David is a real chameleon because during ‘Forever’ he sings deeper with an angry twist! The track is also a bit darker and the guitars are a bit down tuned!
The guys love the eighties melodic rock and the more commercial sounding ‘In The Night’ proves this thesis. David again proves his vocal escapades! The party rocker ‘Whiskey Lover’ makes me thirsty for more (héhé … couldn’t resist!), while the opening riff from the up-tempo ‘Renegade’ makes me jump for joy!

The tour with The Poodles must have had a lasting impression on Jacob Samual (The Poodles), because he lends his voice to the first single ‘Asylum’. His and David’s voice become the perfect partners on this catchy tune! Kane Roberts does the amazing guitar solo as well here!
The album closes in pure beauty and harmony! The acoustic ballad ‘Fly Away’ reminds me slightly of Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’. But the vocal lines from David show more ‘balls’ in some parts.

When I saw the band as an opener for The Poodles in 2015 they blew me away with their energy and catchy songs. I became a fan! I was very curious to see and hear what the new guy Terry would do on stage. I did see them again a few months ago and he delivered the goods. This album is a real treat for music lovers who lost their rocking heart to the 80’ties (just like me).
You get a varied collection of songs with superb guitars and outstanding vocals. This album will be spinning for a long time in the car, believe me! When you buy this melodic gem you’ll have fun for hours….
Looking forward to seeing them again on stage at the H.E.A.T. festival in Germany!

Score: 4,75 out of 5

1. All For One
2. Free
3. The One
4. Mademoiselle
5. Forever
6. In The Night
7. Whisky Lover
8. Renegade
9. Beyond The Gates
10. Asylum
11. Fly Away

Maverick Facebook

Text by: Rik Bauters

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