Review: Maverick – Ethereality – Metalopolis Records – Release: April 1st 2021

Review: Maverick – Ethereality – Metalopolis Records – Release: April 1st 2021.

Maverick was founded in 2012 by the Balfour brothers in Belfast Northern Ireland. The band soon established themselves in the scene. With their first album ‘Quid Pro Quo’ they toured in Europe as support for The Poodles. It was on that tour some friends and me discovered these guys. Two albums followed and work on the fourth album started late 2019. Due to the known Covid-19 pandemic things took longer than expected. But they will be releasing their next platter very soon!

Maverick are:
David Balfour – vocals
Ryan Balfour – guitar
Ric Cardwell – guitar
Richie Diver – bass
Jason-Steve Mageney – drums


Album opener ‘Falling’ immediately shows off the attention grabbers from this Irish gang. The power vocals from David, the choppy guitars from Ryan and Ric and a strong, tight rhythm section. This is a real kick in the face track. The screeching, squeaky riffs forms the spinal cord of the track, where the other ‘stuff’ is firmly attached to. The guitar solo shows speed, but also adds a melodic touch. ‘Thirst’ is just a bit slower at first but man this is a heavy track. David sounds more melodic during the chorus and the break. The drums from Jason-Steve are really pounding.

‘Never’ has a slight sleazy touch because of the sweet backing vocals. Even the solo follows that path. At the end you can even hear some subtle keyboards. A refreshing track, which shows their love for the more melodic stuff. The first single ‘Switchblade Sister’ is blessed with those inventive riffs from Ryan and contrasting ‘woohoo-hoo’s’ (and I happen to be a real sucker for that combination). ‘Bells Of Stygian’ sets you on the wrong foot with the balladesque intro. But when those crunchy guitars kick in you’re in for a furious ride with speedy riffs.

The fast and more old school sounding ‘Angels’ is another example of the versatility of the voice from David.
The second single ‘The Last One’ is an ode to the loved once we’ve lost. Fans could send in a pic from one of their family who they have lost. Many of the pics are shown in the video. A wonderful emotional tribute. Lots of melody here with a snippet of a sensitive David.

‘Dying Star’ is my favourite track. Some of the riffs and licks remind me of guitar God Eddie Van Halen. Further in the song the guitar stays the absolute ruler of the kingdom! The mid-tempo, guitar driven ‘Light Behind The Eyes’ is followed by the heavy ‘Ares’ which closes this excellent album.

Maverick delivers with ‘Ethereality’ another gem. The combination of superb guitars, power vocals and catchy songs (with a lot of balls and attitude) are always a great cocktail. On top of that the album is blessed with stunning artwork and a great sound. This album will be in my playlist for long, that’s for sure.

Score: 4.75 out of 5


  1. Falling
  2. Thirst
  3. Never
  4. Switchblade Sister
  5. Bells Of Stygian
  6. Angels
  7. The Last One
  8. Dying Star
  9. Light Behind Your Eyes
  10. Ares


Text by Rik Bauters

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