Review: Mind:Soul – The Show That It Has Been – Layered Reality Productions – Release: Out Now

Review: Mind:Soul – The Show That It Has Been – Layered Reality Productions – Release: Out Now.

mindsoul_tsihb_webcover-300x298While the major part of Dutch metal bands seems to be either death metal or thrash metal there are also quite a few class act progressive metal bands out there, aside from the obvious Ayreon.
Tom de Wit has done his best to provide a few of those bands an outlet with his Layered Reality Productions and one of those bands is, in which he also sings, is Mind:Soul.
Back in 2013 they released their debut album “The Way It Should Be” and as a special treat they played the entire album live in 2014 and as an even more special treat they released the entire live recording in 2015. What you get is one of the best live recordings you will have heard in years, getting pretty damn close to studio quality. It’s the (song) introductions and occasional randomness by singer Tom that give away that this is a live recording.

As said before, they play the entire debut album in full. It’s a love story, but without too much sappiness and with quite some drama. This isn’t a Hollywood tale, but reality. The music sets a nice hefty mood, occasionally coming close to the atmosphere you’d get in doom metal and when bass player Joey chimes in with his grunt the doom metal picture is complete.
That goes to show that the band goes beyond the already broad borders of prog metal. Hell, there’s even a bit of reggae in there with ‘I Tried to Help’. Daring, but it works because ‘prog metal’.
As for the visual part it’s nice to see how the show has been recorded with minimal means. You can see one of the cameraman standing in front of the stage through one of the far-off cameras. The editing between all the shots and the music is flawless and deserves an applause.
Now and then the show feed is interlaced with pics that show the characters, giving it some more familiarity as they are people you could meet on the street.

The only downside to the recording is the fact that attendance seems to be low. It’s often the huge crowds that give more feeling to a live recording. But that isn’t something the band can do anything about and thus it was a smart move to keep the cameras focused on the band who give off a great show.
Now that you’ve reached the end of the review I can make it an even easier buy for you because the band was gracious enough to put the entire show on YouTube for your viewing!
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Score: 4 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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