Review: NiteRain – Vendetta – Live Management 2016 – Release: Out Now.

Review: NiteRain – Vendetta – Live Management 2016 – Release: Out Now.

Since the release of debut album “Crossfire”, Norwegian rockers NiteRain have been on a everlasting road-trip, touring both Europe and the US. In between gigs there has also been time for song-writing, and the result of that labour can be heard on the follow up album “Vendetta”.

NiteRain is:
Sebastian Tvedtnæs – Vocals
Adrian Persen – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Frank Karlsen – Bass & Backing Vocals
Morten Garberg – Drums & Backing Vocals

niterainMötley Crüe pulled the plug at the end of 2015! Will the new Crüe please stand up, please stand up! Well folks NiteRain may be the Norwegian solution to fill the gap. ‘Lost and Wasted’ sets the tone with crushing guitars, pumping drums and slighty dirty (naughty) sounding vocals. The band reminds me of the Crüe from “Too Fast For Love”. They sure have attitude and Crashdiet certainly is another influence.
‘Come Out’ has a more pomping sound and the harmonies in the background make it more catchy. The guitar solo from Adrian is razor sharp and the track makes moving mandatory.

‘The Threat’ has a punky vibe and holds some strong bass lines. By now my furniture has been moved to the side because I need more space to rock out! But when that riff from ‘Romeo’ kicks in I’m going bezerk. Can a track be more catchy I wonder? This is glam served in the way I like it! Crunchy guitars, massive backing vocals, slighty raw lead vocals and above all, super catchy!

‘One More Time’ follows that same path and the bass rules big time on the sleazy ‘Something Ain’t Right’. It shows a more melodic side of the band and has some groovy AOR influences.
The guys even slide in a ballad with ‘Don’t Fade Away’. This sweet as candy song let us hear a more sensitive Sebastian. His voice sounds a bit thin here, but somehow it fits the song perfectly.

‘# 1 Bad Boy’ is the fastest rocker on the album and this is another shot in the bullseye! You get driven to the corner by superb riff and a great vibe! The melodic path re-enters with ‘Electric and the title track is a pure rocker with a high sing along factor. And I’m ready for another crazy ride…

Fans from sleazy and glam with a bite will love these guys. They get the party going with their catchy tunes, great riffs and overall attitude. The guys are already confirmed for the second edition of Wildfest in Belgium in May and this ‘bad boy’ will be there to sing along and rock out like he’s still 18 (and life).

Score: 4,25 out of 5

1. Lost and Wasted
2. Come Out
3. The Threat
4. Rock n’ Roll
5. Romeo
6. One More Time
7. Something Ain’t Right
8. Don’t Fade Away
9. # 1 Bad Boy
10. Electric
11. Vendetta

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Text by: Rik Bauters