Review: Obituary – Obituary – Relapse Records – Release: March 17th, 2017

Review: Obituary – Obituary – Relapse Records – Release: March 17th, 2017.

Floridian Death Metal veterans Obituary are on a roll. After releasing “Inked in Blood” they crushed many metalheads on their savage tour around the world. With the current line-up they conquered back to the top of the death metal scene. They released “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” to please their fans till they could drop a new full-length through Relapse Records. Time is here for them to unleash the self entitled record “Obituary” among us.

Obituary is:
Donald Tardy – Drums
John Tardy – Vokills
Trever Perez – Guitar
Terry Butler – Bass
Kenny Andrews – Guitar

Obituary got their own groove trademark. And even though their soundscape changed a bit round the years, every metalhead will have an immediate Obituary recognition with this groove. I love how the record starts out like it’s 1984 again. Opener ‘Brave’ shows that these veterans still can butcher and demolish. Just a kick ass death metal song with a near perfect production. ‘Sentence’ has an upspeed pace to. I love how Donald’s snare is sounding in this one, mean and harsh. The soloing on the guitar is just amazing. Where the song starts as a typical Obituary song it ends quite melodic.

The opening riff of ‘Lesson in Vengeance’ reminds me a bit of good old Black Sabbath. This midpaced song has a nice easy going vibe in it with again some good guitarwork. It really takes the record to the next level. Note, not all credit to Mr Andrews. The bass work in this song by Mr Butler is very enjoyable giving it all some nice schwung and groove. ‘End it Now’ is a straight in ya face uptempo song. John is sounding plain nasty on this song. The deep growling outhales are insane on this one.

‘Kneel for me’ opens with the master on the drums Donald Tardy, to envolve into a nice midpaced banger. I love the hook and vibes on this one. The first solo takes me back straight to nineties death metal. I think it’s amazing how Obituary keeps this sounds alive. ‘It Lives’ starts with a slow growling John. I really love his vokills on this record. Where on earlier releases some people started to whine his growls weren’t deep enough. Well they will be satisfied this time around. ‘Betrayed’ got a more of the modern approuch like we heared on “Inked in Blood”. Quite an energetic song which shows bands can evolve without losing their trademark. Love how the guitar lays on top of the song. It’s also crystal clear produced.

‘Turned to Stone’ is a slower song. This doomy one sticks out to be one of my favourites on this record. Very good basic swamp riffing which made them great in the first place! ‘Straight to Hell’ got that modern groove to it again. Love the playfull drumming Donald to this one and the easy vokills to bark along with. Midway the song goes a little slower in pace and John gets one growl deep from his toes. Love the outro on this song. Very haunting. The album ends with ‘10.000 ways to Die’. This song was of course already fammilair with us because of their previous release. It’s a nice ending to a record which is a fast but good rollercoaster death ride.

Obituary finnaly made ‘that’ record which is good enough to get the self entitled name. All the good ingredients from their long career are blasting from the speakers. The sound is evil, brutal, slamming and with a groove only Obituary can provide. Looking for the best old school death metal release of this year? Don’t look any further and get this one!

Score: 4,5 out of 5

1. Brave
2. Sentence Day
3. Lesson In Vengeance
4. End It Now
5. Kneel Before Me
6. It Lives
7. Betrayed
8. Turned To Stone
9. Straight To Hell
10. 10.000 Thousand Ways To Die

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Obituary Official
Relapse Records

Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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