Review: Pain – Coming Home – Nuclear Blast: Release: Out Now

Review: Pain – Coming Home – Nuclear Blast: Release: Out Now.

pain-coming-home-artworkPeter Tägtgren is perhaps one of the most diverse and busiest bees in metal land. Of course people know him for his work with Hypocrisy and more recently he worked on the Lindemann project with Rammstein’s leading man. Now it’s time for him to unleash his eight Pain record called “Coming Home”. This time around Peter got some help from people like Clemens ( Carach Angren) and Sabaton lead singer Joakim. Joakim shows up for one song, Clemens got a bigger part and did some orchestral arrangements for Pain. Straight from the start Peter keeps surprising us with opening with a bluesy country driven riff. The poppy beat immediately grabs the listeners attention and with the catchy lyrics “That’s me designed to piss you off“ he got himself a great opener.

‘Call Me’ opens with a more standard thrashy riff combined with the excellent work from Clemens. The orchestral parts are amazing and really are a plus to Peter’s work. After the first verse it’s a bit weird to hear Joakim ( Sabaton) join the party. His voice is recognisable and glued to the Sabaton sound and it’s a bit weird to hear him in this setting. I must say the whole ambiance of this song ‘Call Me’ got a powerfull vibe and after a few spins I got used to hearing Joakim. The record is quite diverse and Peter takes it more away from the industrial path he used to take with Pain. He now even uses acoustics and has Clemens take a big part in this record with his orchestral arrangements.

I love the contrast between the almost pop sound and the controversial lyrics. Peter is a mastermind in this and it still works good for me. I felt an instant love for this record from the first spin. Peter mentioned on his facebook that his focus is on Pain now and it will take some time to come back with another Hypocrisy record. Really a shame though because “Coming Home” is really an epic record but nothing beats a good old Hypocrisy one!

Score: 4 out of 5

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Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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