Raven Lord started in 2011 when Csaba Zvekan left the band Killing Machine. He got a lot of friends in the music business when he sang with Killing Machine and he quickly got a new band together. He got Stefan Lindholm (Vindictiv) as a very talented guitar player and started to record the tracks for the debut album, but Stefan left right after the songs where recorded. Then Csaba found the even better Joe Stump to join the band. Rock N Growl signed the band and now they just released “Descent To The Underworld” .

Raven Lord is:

Csaba Zvekan – vocals
Joe Stump – guitars (Stefan Lindholm on the album)
George Karafotis – guitar
Alessandro Duo’ – keyboards
Jamie Mallender – bass
Lawrence “Larry” Paterson – drums

“The Rebel” kicks off with a traditional power metal riff, but soon Stefan Lindholm throws in some Yngwie Malmsteen inspired neoclassical stuff. The track really bursts open when vocalist extraordinary Csaba lets his tonsils do the talking. The man has a voice that thunders authority. It’s a pure demonstration of power and he takes the highest screams with a natural ease. Stefan keeps tossing out shredding solos at a stunning rate. Listen to the intro on “Attila The Hun” and you will catch my drift. The vocals on this track are mainly situated in the higher regions. A comparison with a young Rob Halford and Ripper Owens comes in mind. But I smell also the aroma from Cage’s Sean Peck and James Rivera from Helstar. The following “Let The Show

Go On” has a slightly slower pace and here you can hear the keys from Alessandro Duo clearly in the sound. The guitars sounds also more mainstream metal and Csaba holds a bit back on the screams. The solo is pure old school Yngwie style and did adds another connection to the metal from the 80’s. “Seal Of The Cross” follows the same path and here the bass accompanies the keys. The solo even has a bluesy undertone. Pumping rhythm guitars take over on “Settle The Score” backed up by some pounding drums. In “Promised Land” Csaba even sings very melodic and this makes that this is the most radio friendly track of the album. A cry of a raven starts the faster “Black Friar” and here Csaba demonstrates the huge amount of power his voice holds. Galloping riffs and keys in the background open “World Out Of Steel”. In the pre-chorus I can detect some bass and guitar parts that easily could have been taken from Dream Theater’s “Train Of Thought” album. There’s no doubt or denying that the guitar playing of Stefan is inspired by an early Yngwie Malmsteen, but he’s not a clone of the Swedish guitar wizard. “Revelation” is a good example of his way of playing! In “Metal Knights” Csaba picks up some melodic vocal lines and they made my day. The man could easily sing on a melodic rock album as well. The background vocals call in the spirit of classic Accept. “Sun God” is a lot less aggressive then the furious “Metal Knights”. Here every instrument (inclusive the voice from Csaba) has an equal part in the total sound. A fine way to end an album!!

Csaba proves with this album that classic metal is still alive. With the addition of the neoclassical guitars and keys to the traditional metal it reaches a higher level. Every fan of neoclassical inspired power metal with absolute killer vocals will certainly feast on these eleven tracks. You won’t be disappointed when you add this to your collection.

Score: 4.25 out of 5


1. The Rebel
2. Attila The Hun
3. Let The Show Go On
4. Seal Of The Cross
5. Settle The Score
6. Promised Land
7. Black Friar
8. World Out Of Steel
9. Revelation
10. Metal Knights
11. Sun God


Text: Rik Bauters