Review: Sepultura – The Mediator Between Head and Hands must be the Heart – Available October 25th – Nuclear Blast Records.

Sepultura – The Mediator Between  Head and  Hands must be the Heart  – Available October 25th – Nuclear Blast Records.

Sepultura is a phenomenon. For over twenty-five years, the band from Brazil has been delivering a brutal mix of metal, hardcore, thrash, punk and tribal that could hardly be more intense or more passionate. What had begun in Belo Horizonte in 1984 soon turned into a metal hurricane of threatening proportions and has taken on undreamt-of dimensions since the enlistment of American vocalist Derrick Green in 1998. You have to experience this band live on stage to understand the fascination that this South-American act holds. And Sepultura’s current songs always indicate the future of heavy metal.

Sepultura is:


Andreas Kisser – Guitars
Derrick Green – Vocals
Eloy Casagrande – Drums
Paulo Jr. – Bass

The Mediator Between  Head and Hands must be the Heart
sepultura-the-mediator-between-head-and-hands-must-be-the-heart-20130923050817Sepultura are back and have unleashed a furious beast upon the  unsuspecting metal masses. The album title is a bit of a mouthful but once you hit play then it all makes sense. I really don’t know where to begin in trying to describe the intensity of The Mediator as this is an album that you feel with such a range of emotions that it is beyond description. I will not do a song by song analysis as this album has to be heard in its entirity to be appreciated fully, but outstanding tracks for me are ‘The Vatican’, ‘The Bliss of Ignorants’, ‘The Age of the Atheist’, and ‘Grief’.

‘Grief’ has to be given a brief description as it is so different to the rest of the album, it stands out! Green sings cleanly while swimming in a sea of despair which transcends into a pulsating blistering attack before mellowing out as we drown in his feelings of grief. The song does exactly

what it says and is a powerful, emotive release of deep sadness. An experimental venture that really works on this album and well worth checking out.

This album sees Sepultura return to their roots, it is a disjointed, unrepentant offering that has choirs, bells, thundering tribal drums, amazing guitar solos and vocals that roar from the bowels of Hell. ‘The Mediator Between The Head and the Hands Must be the Heart’ is a total mind fuck of an album and is not one for the weak minded or the faint hearted.

I loved it from the first listen and I can’t get enough of it..I highly recommend you add this to your collection, you won’t be sorry.   –
Score 5/5

Text – Regina Mitchell 


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Erica Klein October 15, 2013 at 13:51

Well done Regina,I’m not such a great Sepultura fan,but this review made me curious!!!!!!!

ADk October 15, 2013 at 16:49

Please Regina ? it is ? OK…”This album sees Sepultura return to their roots” ? what’s the meaning of this ? Roots since 1998? i wont even comment your review…i just listen to “The Age of the Atheist”, and i felt like, “more of this $%#&%$ Sh$% again?” there is nothing new on this album. For Andreas Kisser new sepultura albums are always the best album yet! He looks like that Iraqi general who was saying on tv “situation is controlled… we are wining the war”… and the US Army right behind him.

My Guess Review 2.5/5…

livereviewer October 15, 2013 at 17:14

Well it seems to me we got a … we hate everything without Max onboard kinda reply! But everyone is free to comment

ADk October 15, 2013 at 17:29

Ohh no no… you’re wrong…i dont like chaos AD and Roots… and they are albums with Max… its all about the truth…cmon are you telling me a Sepultura album will have 5 out 5 ? since Arise, lyrics are very poor, and then after 1998 became abysmal. there are that kind of music that lyrics joins the sound so smooth, and that’s not the case of Sepultura at the moment, because of derrick, Andreas (who just thinks on himself). Sepultura imo, at the moment doesnt play for the fans, but for themselfs, for the money… Max left, Igor left, Jean left… something is not right. just that… cheers 😀

livereviewer October 15, 2013 at 17:47

Let me speak on my behalf .. i did not make up the score ( editor not the reviewer ) I heared more then one song of the album! Sepultura been a band thats always been in an evolving state.. Is it the straight in your face thrash.. as with Arise … Helll No … Is this a damn good album from Sepultura …Hell yeah…
Its pure its raw , experimental on times……

Regina giving it a 5 out 5 well thats her opinion. I think she wrote down in a correct way why she came up with this score

livereviewer October 15, 2013 at 17:48

From Regina :

” Hi, thanks so much for the feedback. Your opinion has been duly noted.. Horns Up

wmzpr October 15, 2013 at 19:58

Man, I don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about… I’ve been a Sepultura fan since Chaos AD hit the streets – I was 13 y.o. … It was a huge fascination for a teenager so I wasn’t very objective back then. As you should know – every record is different in fundamental ways, so I still remember voices of my older colleagues claiming Chaos AD is sh*t comparing to Arise, or Beneath the remains, since it was more hard-core than thrash-metal.. everyone has their opinion – that’s fine… but claimimg there’s something wrong with Sepultura as oposite to soulfly?!?! C’mon man, you can’t be serious or that oblivious of Max C. story vs. all the other guys.. should I really have to say that Max was not speaking to his own brother for like 10 yrs. or so?! is this a mystery to you..? Look at the members of Soulfly recording each LP.. than do the same thing for Sepultura since Against. Think, then start pointing fingers… (I was not even going to comment on your remark that Sepultura plays for money, whereas I guess your claim is that Max C. w soulfly is a ‘true’ artist? But you made me so pissed w/ your ignorance, so here it comes: Max C. was my hero/idol whatever you call it, but his ego is beyond belief, and after 2nd soulfly record I don’t listen to his stuff anymore – how can you make the same record over and over again with the same 6 chords… and same lyrics. Compare that to Sepultura last records…)

----0 October 16, 2013 at 20:28

“Sepultura imo, at the moment doesnt play for the fans, but for themselfs, for the money” – this statement is completely contradictory. Any musician making music simply to satisfy a fan base is one who is “playing for the money” On the other hand, an artist who is true to their own creativity makes music primarily to satisfy their own intentions and isn’t concerned with how it is received. If all musicians took on the attitude of playing for a fan base, they would continue to churn out the same old shit every album, ultimately failing to evolve musically and creatively. Max has continuously stated he would like a reunion…now if Andreas/paulo were truly in it for the money, they would have reunited long ago for the potential profit of a reunion tour.

– the statement “they’re only playing for the moneeeyy mannnnnn” gets thrown around way too often in music, and is usually just a result of ignorance. There are far more better ways to make money than being a musician – especially one in the metal genre

The fact that you’ve given a “Guess review” shows that you approach music with a preconception and bias…your critiques have no credibility.

Regina October 15, 2013 at 17:58

Hi ADk, Regina here. Thanks for your feedback your opinion has been duly noted 🙂
I stand over my review, as I listened to the album in full over a long period of time and it is in my opinion a truly exceptional album. My review is based on the merits of the album and not on band history, previous works, past members etc.. That is not how I do a review.
Each album that comes to me is listened to without bias and it is very rare I give full marks unless it is deserved. The music on Grief alone was worth full marks..Sepultura in my opinion are growing as a band and that is pretty evident on this album. But hey, we all like different stuff and that’s what makes music exciting. If we all liked the same music what a boring world we would live in 🙂
Horns Up \m/

Sepularmy Norway October 15, 2013 at 19:10

Great review. But please make shure you get the title right! It’s not “the mediator between THE head and THE hands must be the heart”. Skip those two “THE”s and you’re all good!

livereviewer October 15, 2013 at 21:47

thanks for the heads up. Edit it immediately

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