Review: Signum Regis – Chapter IV: The Reckoning – Ulterium Records – Release: Out Now

Review: Signum Regis – Chapter IV: The Reckoning – Ulterium Records – Release: Out Now.

signum_regis-chapter-44This here’s a review that’s quite long overdue. Not just because of the date, but because Signum Regis are well-deserving of more attention! What they bring is quality upbeat power metal with a holy message. In some sub-genres that latter bit causes some resistance, but I reckon most power metal fans are less fussed, especially because the band wraps it into the typical good versus bad storylines.
I first encountered the band some months ago at the Brainstorm Festival in The Netherlands and was quite impressed by the band’s performance. There was a small crowd left, but the band gave it their all. Still, the band does sound a lot better on CD and “Chapter IV: The Reckoning” is a very good showing of the band’s skills. Good, honest power metal with the occasional foray into more technical parts.
A tight rhythm section, superb lead guitars (those solos are a great feel-good moment on their own) and vocals that stray away from the typical high pitched vocals and go more into the Jorn Lande area. It’s the keyboards and their glorious hailing soundtrack that put the cherry on top, because they come out so much better on a studio recording.
The songs are very catchy and with the easily accessed choruses you’ll be singing along after the first spin. While most songs are basically ‘push start and go’ the ending track ‘Bells are Tolling’ takes things a bit more slowly with a soft piano intro, but before long the full grandeur of the song opens up and you’ll get one heck of a closer for a terrific album. Highly recommended for fans of uplifting power metal!

Score: 4 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic


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