Review: Soulfly – Savages – Nuclear Blast – Out Now

Soulfly – Savages – Nuclear Blast – Out Now

It’s now close to seventeen years since Max Cavalera left Sepultura, of which he was a member for around thirteen years. His years with Soulfly already outnumber those he spent with Sepultura, yet some people still hold hope for a reunion. Now that we have come to the ninth release for Soulfly “Savages” it is clear that not one hair on Max’ head is thinking of ever dropping Soulfly.


Soulfly is:

Max Cavalera – vocals, 4-string guitars, sitar
Marc Rizzo – guitars, flamenco guitars, sitar
Tony Campos – bass guitars, acoustic bass guitars
Zyon Cavalera – drums, percussion

SoulflySavages_albumAfter an intro with slow drums and air raid sirens, the first song “Bloodshed” starts off with a chugging and catchy tempo where Max wastes no breath to shout all his rage. It’s too bad the rage doesn’t come across in the music. It’s actually rather low on energy when comparing it to “World Scum”, the opener for the previous album “Enslaved”. As soon as the song picks up the pace, he is joined by his son Igor (not to be confused with Max’s brother Igor), the first of four guest vocalists. The song soon drops back to a slower tempo, overlapped with a very nice and slow guitar solo, ending in a brooding sound that will lead directly into the second song “Cannibal Holocaust” (nicely referencing the classic movie). This one does have the energy I was looking for in the first song. With its top speed this song will take away any care for speed limits you might have.

“Fallen” features the vocals of Jamie Hanks from I Declare War who gives a nice deeper sound with his deep grunts. It’s another rather slow song, but I like the way the lead guitar plays around the track laid down by the rest. I’m not too fond of the following two songs “Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla” (with Neil Fallon of Clutch) and “Master of Savagery”. Both songs sound pretty simple and a bit boring. I find that my interest in this album is actually fading away with these songs. I’m glad that it doesn’t stay this way because “Spiral” drags you right back in with a superb groove. The songs after that feel rather too samey with the slow to mid-tempo riffing. “K.C.S” gives Max the vocal assistance of Mitch Harris from Napalm Death who nicely contrasts Max. It’s just a shame that the song peters out on a dull note. “El Comegente” actually surprised me a bit at first, because the opening to the song feels like some classic Death song! I’m actually disappointed that the song continues in a rather boring way. That is, until the soft flamenco guitar playing near the end, which soothingly brings the song to an end. It would actually be a great closer for the album, if not for “Soulfliktion” which is one of the too few songs on the album packed with energy.

“Savages” is a rather safe album. While quite enjoyable overall, there aren’t really enough songs to make it a memorable album. There’s power in there and there’s rage in there. But it feels like Max isn’t as angry as he used to be. Of course that’s great for him and the more power to him for it. But if the music is built upon rage, you kind of miss the fuel to power the engine.

Track list:

  1. Bloodshed (Feat. Igor Cavalera Jr.)
  2. Cannibal Holocaust
  3. Fallen (Feat. Jamie Hanks)
  4. Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla (Feat. Neil Fallon)
  5. Master of Savagery
  6. Spiral
  7. This is Violence
  8. K.C.S. (Feat. Mitch Harris)
  9. El Comegente
  10. Soulfliktion

Score: 3.4 out of 5

Text Robert Popovic

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