Review: Synapses – Devoutness – Cimmerian Shade Recordings – Release: Out Now

Review: Synapses – Devoutness – Cimmerian Shade Recordings – Release: Out Now.

519357It seems that in these past years Italy has turned out to be a good breeding ground for as of yet small bands, who play great technical death metal. Honed skills are often combined with very technical music, without losing sight of the song itself. One of the bands that deserves some more attention is Synapses, who started their band in 2008, after Underhate dissolved.
After a promo in 2009 they released their debut in 2012 and recently they released their second album “Devoutness”.
Synapses don’t waste a lot of time to show off their skills. After a short soundscape the aptly named ‘Intro’ is filled to the brim with some tight guitar play and rhythms. Packed into one minute is a great sign of things to come. ‘Spiral of Devoutness’ is a great template for what the band stands for; hard-hitting and lightning fast drums, low tuned and growling guitars and some great guttural vocals. You’ll get your fair share of some sick breakdowns, without them ever overtaking the song too much. Despite the very low tuned guitars the songs have a lot of lead guitar work, be it in short bursts to give a good hook to the song or longer well spun solos, like the superb ending of ‘Force-Fed With Gore’.
I love the balance of the instruments in the mix. With music like this it’s very easy for the drums to drown out everything, yet they are crystal-clear without being too overpowering.
Despite a near continuous barrage the band does like to experiment, like in the very emotional and atmospheric instrumental ‘Hybrid Soul’. This really shows the band putting some melodramatic emotion into their music. And it really sets you up for a nice suckerpunch when the assault begins anew!
It’s almost a shame that the album is pretty short, but at the same time there are no fillers to be found on this album. It’s all very catchy technical death metal, right to the (again) aptly named ‘The End’; this time a longer and far less dramatic and more menacing instrumental. Time to replay this baby!

Score: 4 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic

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