Review: Tempt – Runaway – Rock Candy Records – Release: Out Now

Review: Tempt – Runaway – Rock Candy Records – Release: Out Now.

Tempt are four young American friends who started the band before they turned twenty. Their EP “Under My Skin” was released as a limited collector’s edition for the band’s appearance at Rocklahoma. The pressing sold out, so the start was more than glorious. Two years later they released their debut album on the Rock Candy Records label. A label that is specialized in re-issues of melodic rock classics.

Tempt is:
Zach Allen – Lead Vocals
Harrison Marcello – Guitars
Nicholas Burrows – Drums
Max McDonald – Bass

TemptMost new melodic rock & glam/sleaze rock bands are being born in Europe nowadays. Especially Sweden is really infested! But the young guys from Tempt have their base in New York City. The sound they produce immediately takes you back to the golden 80s.
The opener ‘Comin’ On To You’ has a crispy but oh so catchy riff from Mr. Marcello. The voice of Zach Allen fits perfectly with this style. He sometimes reminds me of the young Mike Tramp. The harmonies inject all songs with a party vibe.

‘Under My Skin’ is another shot in the bulls-eye! It sounds slightly raw and. The guitar solos are always spot on and produce a lot of sparks! The title track slows things down and takes us into a romantic mood. ‘Aamina’ takes us back on the catchy singalong path and the keys add some tasty flavours. The guitar solo is another shining star!

They put the pedal to the metal during the fast and furious ‘Sapphire’, but they still manage to give it a melodic sound. ‘The Fight’ introduces some piano sounds and the song adds some spicy herbs to this already hot dish. The chorus reminds me of another favourite of mine: the band Free Spirit!
Well known producer Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Dokken, Motley Cruë) has done the mix of this album and it sounds absolutely great!

‘Time Won’t Heal’ is another sweet ballad with acoustic guitar which carries the glamorous vocals.
‘Love Terminator’ has a dirty sound and gets the party started again. I just love those hooks from Harrison! It smells like Danger Danger.
‘Fucked Up Beautiful’ is the ideal arena rocker and will certainly get the crowd yelling like a bunch of possessed youngsters.
‘Neuro-Child’ and ‘Dirty One’ are the two huge guitar driven sleazy tracks, which show a nasty touch.

This album caught me by surprise and I fell in love with it from the first listen! It still grows on me with each listen. All songs are catchy as hell and are brilliantly crafted. Incredible guitar playing from Harrison Marcello and the stunning vocals from Zach Allen make this a must add to your collection. The band is planning on coming to Europe for some shows and even wild horses couldn’t keep me from attending a show. I just wanna see the youth gone wild!

Score: 4,65 out of 5

1. Comin’ On To You
2. Under My Skin
3. Paralyzed
4. Use It Or Lose It
5. Runaway
6. Aamina
7. Sapphire
8. The Fight
9. What Is Love
10. Time Won’t Heal
11. Love Terminal
12. Fucked Up Beautiful
13. Neuro-Child
14. Dirty One
15. Aamina (MW mix)

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Tempt Facebook
Rock Candy Records

Text by: Rik Bauters
Live photo by: Adhat Campos