Review: Torben Enevoldsen – 5.1 – Perris Records – Release: Out now

Review: Torben Enevoldsen – 5.1 – Perris Records – Release: Out now.

Torben began playing guitar at the age of 14. He joined a cover band and played with different bands. He decided that the time was high to make his own music and in 1995 his first demo “Just In Case” was recorded. His first albums where full instrumental. But when time passed he felt the need to make a vocal album. He started Section A and released a few albums. He is a real workaholic and contributed to bands and projects such as: Fatal Force, Acacia Avenue, Fate and others. In 2013 he released another instrumental album “Above And Beyond” and now his new album “5.1” is released.

Line-up is:
Torben Enevoldsen – guitar, bass and keyboards
Dennis Hansen – drums

Opener ‘All-In’ immediately grabs your attention with the smooth and ultra-melodic riffs from Torben. The man knows that speed isn’t everything! He fills your head with melody and my brain is eager for more. His playing reminds me a lot of Joe Satriani and early Vinnie Moore. A strong bass line is the backbone for the slower paced ‘Ocean View’.

During the many solos I detect some Eddie Van Halen as well. His sound is crystal clear and that makes it very easy to listen to. But rest assure, there is more than enough variation on this disc. ‘Inside Out’ for instance is a tad harder and faster. But the melodic feel always triumphants! Some of his solos show a high shred factor, which adds again to the fact that variation augments the attention of the listener.

‘G.A.Y.L.’ strangely enough reminds me of a Fate album where Torben didn’t played on (Scratch ‘n Sniff’). The opening riff could have been from Mattias Eklundh. ‘Hangar 84’ is the track with the most breaks, tempo switches and it is hard not to like this track, believe me! As the title gives it away ‘Lucid Dreaming’ is a relaxing tune where melody and emotion are king. The semi-acoustic rhythm guitar adds extra depth to the song. ‘Bad Connection and ‘What’s Next’ flirt with melodic rock and ‘Say What’ is a mixture of styles (snippets of Jazz, piano and organ).

Torben has made an instrumental album that keeps you curious of what’s to come during the songs. When melody and feel are your focus points in music, you’re gonna love the tunes. Fans from Satriani, Vinnie Moore, Joey Tafolla and instrumental albums in general should listen to this album.

Score: 4,25 out of 5

1. All-In
2. Looking For You
3. Ocean View
4. Inside Out
5. G.A.Y.L.
6. Early Reflections
7. Hangar 84
8. Lucid Dreaming
9. Bad Connection
10. Say What
11. Be-All And End-All
12. What’s Next

Torben Enevoldsen Official
Perris Records

Text by: Rik Bauters

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