Review: Torch – Reignited – Metalville – Release: Out now.

Review: Torch – Reignited – Metalville – Release: Out now.

When I listened to that debut EP ‘Fire Raiser’ in 1982 at my favourite record store I became an instant fan. The combination off the ‘mean’ voice and the metal riffs was awesome. The first full album ‘Torch’ and follow -up ‘Electrikiss’ could still my hunger. But then lightning struck and the story was over. In 2009 ‘Dark Sinner’ surprised me with re-recorded versions of classic Torch tracks. But a comeback gig at a metal cruise brought the old friends together again and a successful appearance at Sweden Rock the guys got infected again with the metal virus. The result of that infection can be heard on ‘Reignited’

Torch is:
Dan Dark – vocals
Chris J First – guitar
Håkky – guitar
Ian Greg – bass
Steve Streaker – drums


I was kinda sceptical when I first got this promo. Would the original sound from the band still be intact? I checked the line-up and was surprised to see that four of the founding members where on board to set the torch on fire again. From the moment I heard the first riff I knew this was going to be good.

‘Knuckle Duster’ is a trip down memory lane and brings back the metal from the early 80’s that got me infected with that tough to beat metal virus (still not cured here). Dan’s vocals still sounds raw and a slighty mean. Okay the track harvests all the metal clichés you can think of, but what the hell – who cares when it makes you bang your head. ‘Collateral Damage’ has a riff that brings the other ‘old timers’ Accept to mind. This is heavy metal that makes me smile from ear to ear.

‘All Metal, No Rust’ is the perfect summary of what you can expect here. Pure, simple but oh so addictive heavy metal. This album got mixed and mastered by no one other than Jacob Hansen and the sound is warm, full and powerful. The band didn’t even forget to include a ballad. ‘In The Dead Of Night’ is an old school power ballad in my book (slower pace – calmer pieces – less angry vocals…). Cradle To Grave’ is the ultimate singalong and can be described as a party rocker. During ‘Snake Charmer’ you can hear the return of my beloved instrument: the talkbox (think Peter Frampton – Bon Jovi).

Fans of slowbanging will have the time of their lives during the pumping ‘Intruder’. And yeah they did save the best for last. The over 7 minutes lasting album closer ‘To The Devil His Due’. This slow paced track grants us ominous, sinister riffs combined with spooky vocals and an almost horror ending. What a great way to close an album.  

Reunions are sometimes obligations to fans or concert and/or festivalorganizers. More than once it stays with that one or a few gigs and the fire goes out. But these Swedish dudes proved me wrong. They felt the spark again and wrote an album full of tracks that brings back that nostalgic feeling of pure metal with no gimmicks or over the top instrumental extravaganza. 

Score: 4,25 out of 5


  1. Knuckle Duster
  2. Collateral Damage
  3. All Metal, No Rust
  4. Feed The Flame
  5. In The Dead Of Night
  6. Cradle To Grave
  7. Snake Charmer
  8. Intruder
  9. To The Devil His Due


Text by Rik Bauters

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