Review: Toxicrose – Total Tranquility – City Of Light Records – Release: Out Now

Review: Toxicrose – Total Tranquility – City Of Light Records – Release: Out Now.

The captivating four-piece metal band Toxicrose was formed in the dark suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. In 2012 they released their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut EP containing five cutting-edge songs which became a great sensation worldwide. After a long time of touring and working hard on new material it is time to begin a new era and launch a blasting ten track, full length album.

Toxicrose is:
Andy – Lead Vocals
Michael – Drums and Backing Vocals
Goran – Bass and Backing Vocals
Tom – Guitar and Backing Vocals


Total Tranquility
total_tranquility-1These guys are dressed in leather, steel belts and studs all over. They look like a black version of the early Motley Crüe. They even have black and white corpse paint, so you could expect some extreme metal. But they bring straight up metal with a touch of glam and sleaze. Opener ‘World Of Confusion’ brings heavy riffs with a slightly sleazy sound and lots of attitude. Andy has a powerful slightly raspy voice, but it fits the sound in a big way! The harmonies in the chorus build a bridge with sleaze and glam. Tom knows how to stroke his six string and delivers the goods in a very melodic way!

‘The Silent End Of Me’ introduces some keys in the sound, but they stay in the background. ‘Killing the Romance’ has some superb melodic moments with acoustic guitar and a sensitive solo.
‘Sinner’ combines old school keys with hard chopping riffs and brings pure classic heavy metal to mind. The sweet harmonies and backing vocals drag in some melody again.
A belly moving bassline starts ‘We Own The Night’ and the track continues as a real pounder. The instrumental break brings you to melodic heaven, or should I say melodic night here!

The keys are back in the fast ‘Reckless Society’ and the song has a real punky rebellion attitude. The solos from Tom are always something to look forward to.
Andy lets us enjoy his more melodic voice during ‘Clarity’, but he throws in some of his aggression as well. But Andy truly surprises on the piano ballad ‘Because Of You’. The guy can even melt the hearts of the girls here! What a contrast with his other vocals. But after the second verse he can’t resist the urge and sings more raspy again.

But they did save the best for last with the title track. This track sounds different than the other songs, because it has more variation in the song (it lasts over eight minutes). But at the same time it has all the elements of their other songs. Great riffage, a strong rhythm section, powerful vocals and harmonies. But the songwriting is a level higher here! What a smashing way to end an album.

This dark looking quartet puts an instant smile on my face when listening to this album. All the things I love are present. Great riffs, excellent solos, a strong beat and those slightly raspy vocals. The songs are a burst of energy and show a lot of attitude. These guys must be awesome live on stage. I believe it will be an experience like that other four piece from Stockholm: Sister!

Score: 4,25 out of 5

1. World Of Confusion
2. The Silent End Of Me
3. Killing The Romance
4. Sinner
5. We Own The Night
6. Reckless Society
7. Clarity
8. Because Of You
9. We All Fall Down
10. Total Tranquility

Toxicrose Official
Toxicrose Facebook
Rock It Up Records

Text by: Rik Bauters

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