Review: Unlight – “The Katalyst Of The Katharsis” – War Anthem Records – Release 25- 4 -2014

Unlight – “The Katalyst Of The Katharsis” – War Anthem Records – Release 25- 4 -2014

Good black metal does not always have to come from Norway. Unlight provesthat Germansare fine craftsmenof the Black Art. Sulphurblooded, their fifth release, made Unlight shine bright in the underground Black Metal scene.

It took them four years, but now they’re back with another fierce black metal record. It’s time for them to unleash“The Katalyst Of The Katharsis” upon the world.


Lord Grond – drums
Blaspherion – guitars, vocals
Ratus – guitars
Nefastus – bass


The Katalyst Of The Katharsis”

199066_1475624069519_3036610_nThe album stars with a blastfest of fierce, harsh andaggressive BM riffs with some brutal drum work. Nice high speed picking with some brutal bass-lines. With all their satanic power they mold vicious black thrash with some minor Swedish death influences. It surprises me how wellstructured these songs are. It ain’t all double bass triggering like most bands are temptedto do in this scene. From time to time there is room for some fierce guitar work which will blow your mind. Anothergood thing on this record are the vocals. Blaspherion roars demonicallyharsh on this record. His vocals seemto be possessed by Satan himself. This is how BM vocals are supposed to be. Ilove how the songs on this album put mein a dark sinister mood. 


This is an intense release whichperhaps will finally give Unlight the spotlight they deserve! BM lovers must check out this great piece of art!

Score: 3,8 out 5


  1. Six Dark Suns
  2. The Katalyst Of The Katharsis
  3. Grand Nexion
  4. Strix Infaustus
  5. The Seven Libations
  6. Triangle Of Manifestation
  7. Promethean Might
  8. Staub Und Asch
  9. Antipole Divinity

Text Ronald van de Baan