Review: Venom Inc – Avé – Nuclear Blast Records – Release: 11-08-2017

Review: Venom Inc – Avé –  Nuclear Blast Records – Release: 11-08-2017

Avé is perhaps the most anticipated record for me, since the unholy threesome Abbadon, Mantas and Demolition Man reincarnated Venom with the act Venom Inc. The lads sadly had to put Inc behind Venom because the right of the name lays with Conrad, who nowadays is less Venom than the act Venom Inc. Who have seen the destruction Venom Inc provides life knows that this is the one and only Venom. Nuclear Blast took them under the wings for their debut.

Venom Inc are:
Tony “Demolation Man” Dolan
Jeff “Mantas” Dunn
Tony “Abaddon” Bray


With this record the lads can finaly proof they are not only a tribute act cashing in on the classick Venom songs. Avé starts with the song  ‘Ave Satanas’ and after a nice intro it provides the listener with that instant old gritty Venom vibe. This time of course with a much clearer production ( without loosing any of the grease it needs to have). ‘Ave Satanas’ is a nice midpaced song which will sure become a nice singalong live. The song immediate keeps spinning over and over again in your head  and thats something magical not many can accomplish.

The next one is also no filler. ‘Forged in Hell’ got a nice Motorheadish groove and is more aggresive and straight in ya face then the opener.It will please the fans from the first hour, who finally get a decent Venom track to digest. Lyricwise it might be a little cheesy but the rolling roaring vocals from Tony “Demoliton Man” Dolan, make it all good.

‘Metal Bleed’ is up next and this song goes full speed from the start. It really brings me back to the “Black Metal” vibe from the golden eighties era. Gritty, evil and finally the craftmanship from Mantas that really brings the Venom trademark alive again. Yes these lads really bleed metal. And YES! there is diversity on this record too. ‘Dein Fleisch’ got a bit of an industrial vibe. The song is choosen as the first single and got a magnificent video, written and directed by Tony Dolan himself. Outstanding work and don’t forget to sign in to watch this little gem.

‘Blood Stained’ got that hammering sound. The drums are pounded hard by mr Abbadon on this one. You almost can feel him hit them. Love the production on this one! I love how the pioneers got a bit influenced by the bands who followed them. A little slayeresque it feels with an nice haunting touch to it. You just got to love this stuff. Some nice sound effects are put in as well. It really shows the lads put some effort in this record and don’t just spit out an average record to gain your money.

‘Time to Die’ speed things up again. Nice speedmetal from these masters of metal. A little twist to it when it gets paced down halfway and got more a heavier metal sound. Did I mention the diversity already!? Love the structure of this song. Looks like the band tried to put a bit of every era from Venom in this record. ‘The Evil Dead’ is just old school metal. Nothing new at the horizon but it feels so fucking good and fits Venom inc. It breathes eighties all over and makes me want to take a time travel to relive it. This would be an fitting score for the Ash vs Evil Dead tv shows.

‘Preacher man’ is a slower song but heavy as fuck. Love how this song shows these three ain’t doing the same song over and over again. The vocal style is quite insane. Less the rolling in the voice but more an raw aggresive shout. Like he is in real life, Tony gives everything in this record. Even Abbadon shows he is more then an above average drummer. You got to love the little drumthingies he does during this song.

‘War, well what a surprise. It’s one of the more aggressive songs on this record. I love the melodic riffing on this fucker. If this one won’t get the audience to move, they better call it a quit. Intense and melodic with that typical Venom punk vibe. ‘I Kneel to no God’. Well as an atheïst I got an easy job doing that. The song got that old school anthem vibe and provides riffing from Mantas which will bleak all other old school metal from the last years. Venom (Inc) is finally back and with strong songs like these they still belong at the top of the scene.

Closer song ‘Black n Roll’ describes the sound of this record. Mantas, Abbadon and Dolan got the talent to give us some mighty metal without all the fancy pancy effects. It’s pure, raw, filthy and most of all it’s VENOM.

It took some years but the originators of Black Metal have returned and deliver an above average record. Straight in ya face and gritty as hell. Welcome back Venom (Inc).

Score: 4,8 out of 5


1. Ave Satanas
2. Forged in Hell
3. Metal We Bleed
4. Dein Fleisch
5. Blood Stained
6+. Time to Die
7. The Evil Dead
8. Preacher Man
9. War
10. I Kneel to No God
11. Black N Roll

Venom Inc Official
Venom Inc Facebook

Text by Ronald van de Baan

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