Review: WATAIN – THE WILD HUNT – CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS – Release 19-8 – 2013


Watain; mainstream black metal with an underground vibe. For 13 years already they spew their satanic fantasies at us through some high standard black metal. Some call them posers, others find them the real deal. The answer will as always be somewhere in the middle. Something we all can agree on , is that WATAIN always deliver a good portion of superb metal. “Wild Hunt” their latest creation will be released under the wings of Century Media Records. It’s time to close the curtains and set the black candles on fire. It’s time to blast the new Watain.

 Watain is:

E (Erik Danielsson) – vocals – bass
H (Håkan Jonsson) – drums
P (Pelle Forsberg) – guitar


The Wildhunt
Watain Always searches for a new direction in their sound and is not scared for some experimentation, they start this album with an instrumental journey …. The silence before the sound even starts is a bit long.. Of course I  tend like ,many others, to turn up the volume. Smart move.  It all starts very eerie and spooky and it gives hope for some real occult black death! Halfway  when the blasts kicks in,  you really get swung in that old school black metal vibe we all know Watain for.

De Profundis shows that Watain keeps close to the sound which made them successful. Something some other Mainstream Black Metal bands can’t  say. The production is of course top notch and thank God (Satan)  does not ruin the mysticism surrounding Watain.

“Black Flames March” is a midtempo blackish song ,which with a length of  6 minutes gives enough time to get some diversity kicked in one song.  Midway there is room for some epic occult stuff. All very evil sounding and keeping the listener drowned in this dark setting Watain created on this record.

This album is lacking some speed on some parts of this record.  Most songs are up/midtempo , but a song like “ They Rode On , it makes me almost  fall asleep. It’s in a different moodswing than the rest of the record.  Some nice solos in it , but it’s a bit to far away from the rest of the album’s vibe. Killer song,  but it ruined the moodswing the rest of the album drowned me in.  I think some will hate, some will love this… . In my opinion great song but misplaced on this album. That  I was teased to skip this song on the first try,  says enough I guess. It even reminded me a bit of Metallica.

Thank God ( Satan )  that there is still room for real black art like “Sleepless Evil”..
This for me is the style Watain must focus on. It’s the eye for detail, for example the acoustic guitar parts in some songs, what brings that little extra to this record. Making it again another above average record for Watain.

That some experimenting can go wrong sometimes is what happened with the track “They Rode On”.  With a band claiming to stick to their guns. They almost hit the nail in their own coffin with this song.  What saves this record,  is that the rest of the album is so fucking brilliantly gloomy… So I forgive them  putting this silly song on this album.  It will cost them a point in the score tho!

Score 4 out 5

“The Wild Hunt” Tracklist:

  1. Night Vision
  2. De Profundis
  3. Black Flames March
  4. All That May Bleed
  5. The Child Must Die
  6. They Rode On
  7. Sleepless Evil
  8. The Wild Hunt
  9. Outlaw
  10. Ignem Veni Mittere
  11. Holocaust Dawn

Text  Ronald van de baan


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