Review:Primal Fear – Delivering the Black – Frontiers Records – Out Now

Primal Fear – Delivering the Black – Frontiers Records – Out Now

Primal Fear was born out of a Judas Priest tribute band by Ralf Scheepers with the help of Mat Sinner and (now ex-band member) Tom Naumann back in 1997, yet they managed to carve out a spot of their own and gained a big following of fans. Since their incarnation they have been releasing a steady stream of albums, never straying too far from the sound they started out with. They would always do a little experimenting, most notably on the album “16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead)” from 2009. After a longer while than normally they returned in 2012 with the more straight-forward “Unbreakable”. Will there be any surprises on their newest offering, “Delivering the Black”?

Primal Fear is:
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Mat Sinner – Bass & Vocals
Magnus Karlsson – Guitars & Keyboards
Randy Black – Drums
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars

Delivering the Black
download (6)Primal Fear have chosen to skip any intro and just go straight ahead with the typically Primal Fear sounding “King for a Day”. Ripping guitars, pounding drums and Ralf’s shrieking voice welcome you to their newest work. Get ready to work those neck muscles, throw your horns into the air and sing along to the chorus!

Unrelentingly you get thrown into the second track “Rebel Faction”, which has some furiously thrashing guitar playing to keep you up to speed. The first single off the album “When Death Comes Knocking” is a typical Primal Fear ballad; a slow tempo, storytelling verses and a catchy chorus. The eastern style bit halfway gives it a nice exotic style, especially when the guitars kick back in for a slow and exquisite double lead guitar solo. What follows are pretty much standard Primal Fear songs, nothing really special, yet executed just the way you want it.

A special mention here for their longest song so far, even beating “Where Angels Die” (8:09) from their previous album, “One Night in December, clocking in just over nine minutes. It tells a story about the end of times, yet it also partly feels like there’s a love song in there. Despite its length it never outstays its welcome. By the time the song ended I even thought “Was that all?”, though that is mostly due to the lengthy instrumental bit making it sound as if you’ve been listening to a different song in between two halves of the same one. It keeps the song from growing stale despite its length.
Afterwards we get treated to two more straightforward bangers and the soft ballad “Born With a Broken Heart”, which will likely be played a lot during the first tour for this album.

There’s nothing really new here, but do we need that anyway? It’s Primal Fear as fans have always known them, bringing straightforward heavy & power metal. There’s room for a little bit of experimentation, yet never as diverse or apparent as on the “16.6” album, though personally I think that a strong point. If you like your heavy metal fast and furious with great solos and just singing along as loud as possible you should get the newest album by Primal Fear.

Track list:

  1. King for a Day
  2. Rebel Faction
  3. When Death Comes Knocking
  4. Alive & On fire
  5. Delivering the Black
  6. Road to Asylum
  7. One Night in December
  8. Never Pray for Justice
  9. Born with a Broken Heart
  10. Inseminoid

Score: 4 out of 5

 Text Robert Popovic

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