Robin Beck took me by surprise when she delivered her classic “Trouble or Nothing” album way back in 1988. The track “First Time” from that album was used in a promo clip for Coca Cola and became a worldwide hit. In 1992 Robin put out her follow up “Human Instinct” but it hadn’t the kinda impact the previous album had! After a break from the music business she came back in the late nineties and delivered albums on regular basis. But it was with the release of “The Great Escape” in 2011 she made her true comeback. That album was filled again with some killer tunes. I saw Robin on the 2012 edition of the famous Firefest and she gave a hell of a show. Now she’s back on the front with her latest release “Underneath”.


Robin beck is:

Robin beck – vocals
James Christian, Jimi Bell, Glen Burtnick, Tommy Denander – guitars
James Christian – bass
Jeff Batter, James Christian – keys
BJ Zampa – drums
Robin Beck, Fiona, Liv Beck, James Christian – backing vocals


This album kicks off with a supercatchy riff and a slighty naughty sounding Robin. The track continues as a real rocker and Robin goes all the way on the chorus. A great opener and will this be a sign of things to come? You experience a throw back in time when you hear that openings-riff on “Ain’t That Just Like Love”. They say that wine taste better after a few years. Well, that can also been said about the voice of Ms. Robin. Her voice now has a little raw edge and I just love it! The chorus begs you to sing along! “Sprain” has a more modern sound and I believe that songwriter Charlie Mason is the reason for this sound. The guy has already written some song for Miley Cyrus. The sensitive Robin comes to the surface on the piano-ballad “Underneath”. Robin channels some dynamically charged emotions on this track. I’m a sucker for emotional ballads and when she sings the word “Underneath” my jaw drops!  The lovely Robin transforms in a bad kitten with claws on the rebellious “Catfight”. You  can hear real aggression in the lyrics here. An example, you say: “ your ass is mine – you’re gonna get it – you see these claws, I’m gonna fist em, you’re gonna kiss em”.

The short “Check Your Attitude” is also a solid ball of girlpower! After the release of her anger, Robin calms down and grants us a second ballad. “Burning Me Down” is a true heartbreaker. Husband James Christian lends his warm voice in the second part. Even daughter Liv can be heard on backing vocals. So, as Robin herself said: “It’s a family affair!”. The rock meter goes in the red again on “Perfect Storm”. This track is written by her and House Of Lords stringman Jimi Bell. Jimi also delivers a true shredding solo here! During “You Can’t Fight Love” the guitar from Tommy Denander draws your attention. But the sparking keys and the tonsils of Robin try to overtake Mr. Denander. After the classic ballad “ I Swear The Night” this album closes with “Follow You”. This track is written by Glenn Burtnick & Jack Ponti.

The catchy riffs and joyfull keys are again combined with the still amazing vocals from Robin. Also lend your ear to the powerfull drums from BJ Zampa here!

Robin chose to use songwriters for this album and that was a big hit if you ask me. There is a good balance between rockers and ballads. Her voice is still amazing and this album makes me feel good. Despite many others I find this album even better than the wonderful “The Great Escape”. Lovers from the genre will love this one and fans of Robin will adore it! Just like I do. No, this is not a declaration of love! 😉


  1. Wrecking Ball
  2. Ain’t That Just Like Love
  3. Sprain
  4. Underneath
  5. Catfight
  6. Check Your Attitude
  7. Burning me Down
  8. Perfect Storm
  9. Ya Can’t Fight Love
  10. I Swear The Nights
  11. Follow You

Score: 4,25 out of 5

Tekst Rik Bauters


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