Romein Xl: Kreator – Morbid Angel – Nile – Feuled by Fire @ Schaaf , Leeuwarden

December 16th and once again we marched out to see metal awesomeness !! Four bands have settled down in the music center ‘Schaaf’ inLeeuwarden, the signs were promising. Before the show we tried to get an interview with Morbid Angel frontman David, but sadly it didn’t pull through.

Fueled By Fire was the first to wreak havoc and they started off perfectly. The music was tuned just right so we could all enjoy the thrashy riffs and drums they threw at us. Fueled By Fire, fromL.A.California, played songs from their already released albums (Spread The Fire in 2007 and Plunging Into Darkness in 2010), and the crowd practically sang along with each number. Some die-hard fans banged their heads and even started a pit in the center. After 30 minutes the fans were warmed up and eager to bang their heads to the next band.

And that next band was none other than Nile. Where first thrash was heard, roaring death metal filled the air now. And still, with the heavy guitars and ultra-fast drums you could hear everything perfectly. By this time the crowd had multiplied and again really enjoyed themselves by banging their heads, ‘singing’ along or just having a beer at the bar. Near the end of this concert it was time to leave the stage and go backstage because we had an interview with Kreator’s guitarist Sami Yli-Sirnö, which you can read in a different article on this website.

After the interview we were just in time to see Morbid Angel kick off. Though the show was awesome and David Vincent really worked with the crowd, there was always a high pitch ringing audible from the speakers, as if the equipment was faulty somehow, and the master volume has been turned up as well. Nevertheless the fans enjoyed themselves, blaring along with songs from “Illud Divinum Insanus”, “Heretic” and “Domination”.  After a good hour or so, Morbid Angel left the stage, surely leaving the fans hungry for more.




With a half an hour in between, the stage was ready to receive Kreator. A huge piece of white cloth was hanging down at the edge of the stage, blocking us from seeing what was happening onstage.  The show started with the song Jesus from Depeche Mode while Kreator’s history is projected on the white cloth. Fragments of behind the scenes and live show footage starting from the beginning and slowly building up to the present. At that moment the cloth drops down to the ground and there stands Kreator, starting with ‘Phantom Antichrist’ and continuing with ‘Enemy Of God’. By now the music center almost filled up to its capacity with fans headbanging or releasing some excess energy in the pit. Also the music was clear and ringing free. Sami’s riffs and Milles vocals were heard perfectly. In the past I saw a few concerts of Kreator at Wacken Open Air and Fortarock Nijmegen, but it’s a totally different experience seeing them play in a hall then on an open stage. But in the end Kreator once again nailed a fantastic show.

So in short we’ve seen 4 awesome bands with equally awesome shows been given, it was a night to remember !

Written by Imke van Rossum

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