Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors – Relapse Records – Release: April 6th 2015

Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors – Relapse Records – Release: April 6th 2015.

royal-thunder-crooked-doorsWhen listening to “Crooked Doors” I had a constant feeling I was listening to a collaboration between the Guano Apes and Akira Yamaoka, who gamers might know from his soundtracks for the Silent Hill series. Even vocalist Miny Parsonz’ vocals are reminiscent of the Apes’ Sandra and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who has worked with mister Yamaoka on several occasions.
What you get is a sort of timeless, slightly sleazy upbeat rock mixed with a more adult sounding grunge. The songs are easy to digest, yet do keep you hooked. “Crooked Doors” doesn’t just bring easily digestible hard rock as the band often shows a very diverse skill of music writing, like in opener “Time Machine” and “Forgive Me Karma”  as well as a very tender side of them with the closing duo of “The Bear I” and “The Bear II”.
The band is to be commended for often keeping a leash on themselves in favour of the music itself, yet they’re not afraid to show their skill.
Recommended for lovers of a more downcast type of hard rock.

Score: 4 out of 5


Text by: Robert Popovic

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