About Us


In 2010 Ronald van de Baan decided to start his own metal/rockzine. Livereviewer was started together with Kiki von D  and Rik Bauters en Peter van Rijsbergen. People went and go but it’s safe to say we got a solid and fun crew.  Who with much pleasure provide you guys with the best articles!

In the years to follow we found a great crew and nowadays we work with great labels such as Metalblade , Nuclear Blast ,Century Media and many more.  You can find us at many shows in Holland,  but sometimes we can be spot in Europe to.  Hopefully you guys love what we do and we are looking forward to keep Livereviewer running for you and our pleasure !


The Livereviewer crew


Bands, Labels Promoters can come in contact with us through sending an email to:

Info ( @ )livereviewer.com
We prefer Digital copies for review!!!

Physical promo’s and letters can be send towards

Binnenveldweg 35
3888 KJ Uddel

We try to review as much as possible but can’t garantuee everything sent will be reviewed!

The LiveReviewer crew