225964_10151042873331109_2079712311_n (2)Ronald van de Baan: Chief-editor and founder of LiveReviewer.
Besides being “leader” of the gang, Ronald keeps himself busy with writing reports, doing interviews and making great live-shots. Check out his portfolio.



74f79ecacf5beaf3cbb3b4bac18a77d3Kiki von DD: Editor/catering
This lovely young lady ( 36), knows how to make a party happen!
She is very talented at making our poorly written articles understandable for you guys! She keeps the spirits high in our team with her  BBQ skills!


12552219_1139433909401487_1528367341_aRik Bauters: Reporter/ Photographer
Rik is one of the “Dinosaurs” of Livereviewer. He just keeps amazing us with his great reports and photography!



215659_1668197346125_6497037_nMarchal Nuwenhuis: Artwork
This man proves that it’s always handy to have an artist aboard. He designed our logo and made several banners.



301457_285199438261054_532096457_nMarcel Klaster: Photographer/Editor/Reporter
Besides photography and making reports, Marcel is also putting our content online!



Marc van Kollenburg:

Besides providing us with reports and amazing pictures, he is also our Webmaster!



jeroen gestJeroen Gest : Photographer
Together with Dora they are not only a great couple, but also provide you guys with some great reports!



44797_423322972063_6494704_nMaurice Egbers: Reporter/reviewer
This guy eats, drinks and breaths death metal. At most death metal shows you will find him upfront filming, headbanging and raising beers.



frankFrank Joustra: Reporter/reviewerFrank is a metalenthusiast who loves to share his passion about metal with you guys. His love for extreme metal goes deep. Take that dive into his reports and enjoy the ride.



Kelly Papa:Reporter/reviewer This young lady loves to rock. She may look innocent but is deadly. Her expertise: upcoming (modern) rock, hard rock and the classic onces!



Marcel Piedmontagne: Reporter/reviewer.
Marcel likes a lot of different styles of metal, although a bit of progressiveness helps a lot. Keep this guy well-fed and he may provide you with a review.