London based Thrash band Sanity Burns  drummer Hugo Terva contacted me to take a listen at their selftitled debut album.
With a lot of request pending it took a while to finally take that listen!.


Sanity Burns

Arnaud Hoarau – Guitar
James Phoenix – Guitar
Don Merritt – Bass
Hugo Terva – Drums

Man I wished I cranked this little thrasher a bit earlier in the stereo. Thrash as it supposed to be. No technical high end shit. Just nice rough and catchy. The vibe is oldschool. Anthrax kinda riffs are on an ongoing speed.


The band is definitely in the start of their career. The mixing could have been a bit better. But the songs are above average. It ‘s not all that original but with the pace this album is going I am looking forward when there will be more of an own evolved sound is mixed in.

At the moment the guys are seeking a new vocalist … Go check out the album and visit their  Facebook page , who knows maybe you get a change to singalong with them!

Insanity Burns delivers a great thrasher debut. Who is into some Bay Area Thrash , should check them out !

Score 3,5 out 5


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