Saturnus – Saturn in Ascension – Cyclon Empire – Out Now

Saturnus – Saturn in Ascension  –  Cyclon Empire – Out Now

SATURNUS is one of the most respected and loved bands in the doomed underground scene. They made an impact with their intense live shows in the past years. The played at festivals like Roskilde, Dublin Doom Day and many others. Now Saturnus is back with their 4th full-length  “Saturn In Ascension”

Saturnus is:

Thomas A.G. – Vocals
Henrik Glass – Drums
Mattias Svensson – Guitar
Rune Stiassny – Guitar + Keyboard
Brian Pomykala Hansen – Bass

Saturn in Ascension:
With a big heart for doom metal, I am happy with this CD hitting my inbox. Saturnus is giving this CD a gothic approach with a big sidestep to funeral doom. The melodic parts are stunning. What bothers me a bit is that the clean voice is more of a telling kind. I am a sucker for clean vocals mixed with grunt. There’s nothing wrong with the grunt. A deep dark growl which is nicely pasted over the melodic riffs.

For my taste this album could be a bit rougher, it’s a bit to dreamy and at sometimes a bit whiny. The female vocals in “A Lonely passage” at the end will be found beautiful by many people, for me it’s a bit of overkill in sweetness. Still there are enough haunting riffs and a gloomy melancholic atmosphere to be found on this album, which saves this album for being a total disaster for me.

The problem with this album is, that at times it’s like we listen to early Paradise Lost (nothing wrong with) and then switched back to a sort of funer doom but not with the heaviness and darkness in like in that genre. I get mixed emotions instead of the melancholic vibe I love in this type of music!

Saturnus really did their best to make a top-notch  doom/goth record. At times they succeed. Which makes it hard to put a score on this one. Love on first listen was a bit hard to find. But with every play the album grows on me! Still have to figure out if the album is a let down or a rough diamond who needs some time to start shining!

Score 3,5 out 5


  1. Litany Of Rain
  2. Wind Torn
  3. A Lonely Passage
  4. A Fathers Providence
  5. Mourning Sun
  6. Call Of The Raven Moon
  7. ForestOfInsomnia
  8. Between
  9. Limbs Of Crystal Clear *

*remastered Demo-Track from 1994; Bonustrack on ltd. first edition Digi-CD & DLP


Text Ronald van de Baan