Savage was one of the bands that hit me by surprise with their debut album. “Loose ‘n’ Lethal” is still one of my all-time favorite NWOBHM albums! It had a raw sound and was a ball of power. The follow up “Hyperactive” got some raving reviews (KKKKK from Kerrang) but I never found it that good as its predecessor.  The band got a rebirth under persuasion from Neat Records in 1995 with the “Holy Wars” album. It was shortly followed by “Babylon” and in 2000 they put out their latest effort “Xtreme Machine”. The band stopped it’s activity for a second time. Now more than a decade later they stood up from the dead again with this album “Sons Of Malice”.


Savage  is:

Chris Bradley – vocals, bass guitar
Andy Dawson – lead guitar, vocals
Kristian Bradley – guitar, vocals
Mark Nelson – drums, vocals

I must disappoint all those who wanted a second “Loose ‘n’ Lethal”, because this album doesn’t fulfill that dream. But is it a bad album? No way, José! The album knows a kicking start with “The Rage Within”. The vocals from Chris haven’t changed a bit. The music is definitely Savage new style. Heavy but more melodic then the raw and straight forward debut. The chorus screams for a sing-along. The guitars on “Black ‘n’ Blue”  have a kind of Whitesnake feel and makes this track much more melodic and far  more bluesy than the furious opener. The title track is a groovy mid-tempo track with the typical “Loose ‘n’ Lethal” vocals from Chris accompanied by an awesome sticky main riff. “The Hanging Tree” has a peaceful intro with some flamenco guitars. But when the real riffs come crashing in we get a real steamy rocker. The guitar work is the main attraction here! “Monkey On Your Back” is packed with squeaking guitar licks and it’s so damn funky you’ll probably start shaking your ass. This album gets better every time you’ll listen to it! “Junkyard Dogs” is a mid-tempo track with a huge  70’s  rock vibe (Thin Lizzy). The bass rules in the middle section  of “Blow” and this track holds some mean sounding vocal lines. “Waking The Dead” is a faster song with a fistful of attitude. The drums are king of “Choose Revolution” and together with the warm guitar sound it makes another fine recipe for ass-moving metal. “Now” is a fast track about a gorgeous looking girl who needs it bad! Oh yeah! The speeds drops with “Look At Yourself” and Chris sings less raw and with a sniff of meanness in his voice. “Master Of War” shifts up a gear and you just can’t keep sitting in your chair during this song. So start banging that head, stamp your feet and put your fists in the air. The disc closes with a track that’s packed with 70’s inspired blues-rock-metal. “Fallen Idols” can best be described as ‘boogie-metal. It has an awesome drive and feel!

Founding members Chris and Andy have come up with an excellent comeback album!
This album is packed with excellent music and holds a lot of interesting bits and pieces from the 70’s rock and metal. It’s got an awesome feel and drive! The album has an incredible warm sound and won’t disappoint you! Not even for a second. What would I love to see this band live on stage in the near future! As the band already mentioned on the album package: “Made Loud To Play Loud”


  1. The Rage Within
  2. Black ‘n’ Blue
  3. Sons Of Malice
  4. The Hanging Tree
  5. Monkey On Your Back
  6. Junkyard Dogs
  7. Blow
  8. Waking The Dead
  9. Choose Revolution
  10. Now
  11. Look At Yourself
  12. Master Of War
  13. Fallen Idols

Score: 4 out of 5


Written by Rik  Bauters


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