Seita is a band that I’ve been following with special attention over the last few years. These guys ,coming from sunny Brazil and living in Amsterdam, already got many metalheads thrashing for quite some years with their brutal straight-forward thrash.

Those of you who have seen Seita live know what I’m talking about. Their first EP ‘Imprint Forever‘ hit like a bomb.’ The production at the time was a bit on the raw side, but was still good with it’s South American aggression. Now in 2012 finally their full length ‘Asymmetric Warfare’ comes out.

Seita is:

  • Michel Gambini
  • Edson Munhoz
  • Diego Gomez
  • Dom Mura

Asymmetric Warfare


The album goes straight into the ‘rough-mode’. ‘The Awakening’ hits like a hammer.
It is clear that the men from Seita have grown in their play and songwriting.There is definitely more structure in this track and Edson throws out a superb solo and shows that he is a talented guitarist. Michel’s vocals are a bit more on the scream-side and I must say that it comes out very well. A good opener of the album, that’s a fact.

With ‘Godlike’ Seita shows not be against a pleasant break here and there. I can’t help to make a small comparison at this point with the other metalband from Brazil, Sepultura. But of course with the more up-tempo riffs that we are used to from Seita. Great song where I can’t wait to go witness that live.

‘Know your Enemies’ is not an unfamiliar song for Seita fans. This track is already some weeks available as a download at their official site A pleasant aggressive up-tempo song with catchy lyrics to sing along!

 ‘The Riot Starter Inside Everyone’ shows that drummer Dom Mura didn’t loose his power either. A brutal start is made with the drums and erupts into epic proportions. Again lots of tempo changes. In my opinion these tempo changes are the biggest plus in the bands’ development.

‘What Cures’ is a fine thrasher as well with the well-known South-American temperament.
Try to keep your neckmuscles quiet on this piece of aggression!

‘Baptism’ starts with a strong riff. Good song-structure and a somewhat slower melody-line, an awesome headbanger!

‘Oppressive Redemption’ starts a little too much with the old Sepultura-style. Fortunately the song moves quickly into Seita’s own brutal sound, and with this change, the song doesn’t fall in the trap ‘Sepultura-clone’. Nice thrasher with the strong breaks pumped inside again.

‘Ditadura’ is an other fine brutal thrasher that has the honour to close this strong album. This song is respectfully dedicated to Geraldo Pedroso de Arauyo Dias Vandregisilo. A politically coloured song, which is the case in more of vocalist Michel’s lyrics.


01. The Awakening
02. Godlike
03. Know your Enemies
04. The Riot Starter inside Everyone
05. Reborn on Fire
06. What Cures
07. Baptism
08. Oppressive Redemption
09. No One but Me
10. Ditadura

‘Asymmetric Warfare’ is exactly in line with my expectations. Seita chose to make an album with more change of pace and it may be clear that the men showed theybelong between the quality metal-acts in the Netherlands. If you like passionate brutal death thrash, you’d better not avoid this album!

Score: 4 out of 5

Written by Ronald van de Baan

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