Short Report: Aphonic Threnody – When Death Comes – Doomentia Records – Release: Out Now

Aphonic Threnody – When Death Comes – Doomentia Records –  Release: Out Now.

413860Here’s a nice release for the lovers of ‘90s doom metal. This album really hails back to that time, including the sound recording. Slow and lumbering with a very dark mood, this is a complete love letter to the very early doom metal. Despite the band members coming from all over the place they manage to create a very coherent piece of gloom.

The vocals are dark and heavy, yet quite decipherable. The keyboards set a nice depressive mood and there’s even a cello to add to the lower sounds. Though I have to confess that the cello isn’t always that audible, due to the low key production values. That last bit might sound like a negative point, but it actually gives the music a very warm sound, cradling you within the songs.
My favourite parts are when the keys and cello are actually on the forefront, because I just love the sound of these instruments. They give such a nice weeping contrast to the heaviness of the other instruments.

Fans of the genre can probably pick out a lot of pieces that they recognize, but I really enjoy listening to this band’s offering. A good work of art.

Score: 3.9 out of 5


Written by: Robert Popovic

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