Short Report: Kjeld – Skym – Hammerheart Records – Release: March 2nd 2015

Kjeld – Skym – Hammerheart Records – Release: March 2nd 2015

Kjeld-SkymKjeld is one those bands who know their roots in black music. With a sinister sound these Frisians know how to bring us pitch dark black metal. It won’t get much rawer than this. It is pure blasting from the dark side with some of the nastiest vocals I have heard in a while. The vocals are also spoken in native tongue.  This gives an extra sinister dimension to their songs. As a Dutch man I am proud that there are acts in this little country who nails it with their sound. This record keeps on haunting you. The riffs keep smashing your brain and leave a dark stamp on your soul. Nice native black from Frisia part of the Netherlands.

Kjeld bring us some pure Norlandic blasting. This is a nice choice for the lovers of true BM. Hail Frisian Cult.

Score 4,5 out of 5


Text by Ronald van de Baan

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