Short Report: Neonfly – Strangers In Paradise – Inner Wound Recordings – Out Now

Neonfly – Strangers In Paradise – Inner Wound Recordings – Out Now.

neonfly_artwork_webI was mighty impressed by the debut album “Outshine The Sun” from these UK melodic rockers which saw the light of day in 2011. On this follow-up album they spiced up their melodic dish with some exotic proggy herbs and spices. And most important, people: I like it, like it a lot! The new approach instantly becomes clear on opener ‘Whispered Dreams’. The guitars from Frederick Thunder and Patrick Harrington set the stage alight and singer Willy Norton adds tons of melody. Mr. Norton displays some more ballsy vocals on ‘Highway To Nowhere’ and really shines on the ballad ‘Rose In Bloom’. Some mild (bombastic) orchestration augments the depth of the songs. The aforementioned ‘Highway….’ and especially on ‘Heart Of The Sun’. The latter song is my favorite track from the album. The orchestral intro, the surprising middle section and the furious guitar solo are mainly responsible for this favoritism! On ‘Fierce Battalion’ the drums are overwhelming and the riffs sound mighty and strong! The songs are all well crafted and my attention never slips away, not even for a millisecond! So: mission accomplished if you ask me! Mr. Thunder delivers the fireworks and Mr. Norton has an incredible set of pipes! Highly recommended release!

Score: 4,25 out of 5

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Text: Rik Bauters

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