Short Report: Deprive – Into Oblivion – Record Company – Release: Out Now

Deprive – Into Oblivion – Record Company – Release: Out Now.

483069This is the first album release of the new brainchild of Javier Sixto, who goes by the nickname of Eun Dagoth, a veteran of many Spanish metal bands. He’s also quite the multi-instrumentalist as he has done everything himself on this album; guitars, drums, keys, vocals and even both the production as well as the artwork.

His love for 90s doom and death metal is very clear and you can easily guess some of his influences. This album features just about everything you could want out of a good mix of doom and death metal.

Opening up with classic slow paced doom with “Catacombs of Betrayal”, erupting into full speed death metal here and there, a blast beat driven track like “Apocryphal Mausoleum”; he plays it flawlessly. Just check out the superb groove in “Immemorial Ritual Beyond Death”, which easily transfers into the  very up-tempo “An Oath of Necrotical Mist”. In true melancholic fashion the album ends with a beautiful keyboard piece.
As a nice bonus you even get the tracks of the first Deprive demo.
Recommended purchase for the doom-death enthousiast.

Score: 3.9 out of 5


Written by Robert Popovic

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