Review: Shotgun – Live Down Decadencia Drive – Livewire/Cargo Records – Release: Out Now

Review: Shotgun – Live Down Decadencia Drive – Livewire/Cargo Records – Release: Out Now.

Shotgun_Live_LW047-2_1024x1024Shotgun Messiah was the pioneer of the glam and sleaze era back in the 80s and one of the first acts to come out of Sweden to relocate to the U.S. and actually hit the charts and make a name for themselves. With extensive tours, press, radio and TV covering the entire U.S. under the belt for some years, Shotgun Messiah was worn out in 1993 and decided to call it quits.
Now 25 years after the release of their first album, two of the band’s biggest supporters contacted singer Zinny J. Zan and drummer Stixx in order for them to consider a reunion and actually get the opportunity to play these songs for one last tour. This was captured and is now being released as a live album.

The catch, you say? These two hardcore supporters wanted to see the original line-up reform. Since that was a definite no-go they gladly volunteered to fill the two missing slots. The two fanboys happened to be none other than…. Rob Marcello and Chris Laney.
This is recorded with half of the original line-up and so they decided to take the first half of the band name as well with Shotgun!

The kick-ass attitude the band demonstrated back in the days is still present, because the gig starts with the words: ‘We are Shotgun! Who the fuck are you?’. Zinny’s voice sounds a bit rougher, but he still bites! Original guitarist Harry Cody was an incredible axe man, but Mr. Danger Danger Rob Marcello surely knows the tricks of the trade. OMG this guy can shred and his playing becomes a giant cherry on this extra sweet pie. On the furious ‘Nowhere Fast’ Rob sounds like a young Eddie Van Halen and Zinny’s voice is the perfect blend of a raspy David Lee Roth with a sniff of Udo Dirkschneider.

All tracks from that awesome debut except the instrumental ‘The Explorer’ are being played. They simply pass in a different running order. The participation of the crowd is very audible in the mix and delivers a true live feel! The last song ‘Don’t Care ‘bout Nothin’ introduces Kingpin (first Shotgun Messiah band name) vocalist J.K. Knox. Even the bass from Chris is all around the place and adds a greasy groove. This live capture makes you believe you’re present in the crowd. And yeah I wish I was there!
I want to point out that the guitar acrobatics from Rob give me several eargasms! I want a new album, guys!

Score: 4,25 out of 5

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Text by: Rik Bauters

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