Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path – Napalm Records – Release: May 8th 2015

Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path – Napalm Records – Release: May 8th 2015.

In the past two decades Morten Veland has really made his mark on the gothic metal scene. At first he made waves with Tristania and he managed to become even bigger with Sirenia!

Creating a perfect blend of symphonic and death metal as well as perfecting the ‘beauty and the beast’-style of vocals, Morten has kept Sirenia going for fourteen years now.
And 2015 marks the release of Sirenia’s seventh album “The Seventh Life Path”.

Sirenia is:

Ailyn – Vocals
Morten Veland – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Jan Erik Soltvedt – Guitar
Jonathan A. Perez – Drums


The Seventh Life Path
xbOR2asInstead of going headfirst into a song like the older albums we get greeted with a tension building intro with “Seti” before “Serpent” slowly creeps towards us. At first I feel that there’s too big of a gap between the intro and before “Serpent” really gets going, but that it a moot point when the song begins in earnest!

Ailyn’s enchanting vocals lure us into the storm that is Sirenia, shortly followed by Morten’s highly recognizable vocals and a bombastic choir. Yes, clearly we’re listening to Sirenia!
It’s hard to really put my finger on it, but this album gets me going a lot more than the previous album. I still hold the first two albums in exceptionally high regard and “The Seventh Life Path” gets pretty close.
This album is filled with hard-hitting and great songs. It’s not until album closer “Tragedienne” that things finally slow down and I’m afraid I have to say it’s my least favourite song of the list. It’s a nice power ballad, yet a bit too cheesy for my taste.
Personally I would’ve preferred going out with the band that is “The Silver Eye”.

Morten Veland has brought us another monumental piece of gothic metal. It’s an easy purchase for fans and in case you don’t really know that band yet: Do you love bombast and grandeur? Do you love the contrast between darkness and light brought forth through vocals? If so, don’t dawdle and get Sirenia’s newest piece of art

Track list:

  1. Seti
  2. Serpent
  3. Once My Light
  4. Elixir
  5. Sons of the North
  6. Earendel
  7. Concealed Disdain
  8. Insania
  9. Contemptuous Quitus
  10. The Silver Eye
  11. Tragedienne

Score: 4.8 out of 5


Text By: Robert Popovic

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