Six Feet Under – Crypt from the Devil – Metalblade Records – Release: May 4th 2015

Six Feet Under – Crypt from the Devil – Metalblade Records – Release: May 4th 2015.

Once there was a time when Chris Barnes ruled the death metal world with Cannibal Corpse. For some shitty reasons their paths went in a different direction. Sad thing? No, the world still had the mighty Cannibal Corpse and even better; we got a new project called Six Feet Under. More bands means more fun in my dictionary. Six Feet Under has a more groovy death approach than its big brother CC and was less technical. They became super huge with their simple hooky, yet effective riffs. “Haunted” is perhaps one of THE death metal classicks. The years passed and Chris changed his vocal style a bit around. And of course this gave haters enough reason to start moaning and bitching how Chris’ vocals are fucked up.  For me the vocals were not the problem I started to have with SFU. It was more of the same with each record that lost my interest a bit. With the last two records Chris and his boys surprised me in a good way. The music became a bit more complex in style and wow Chris went so gravely sick with his vocals, my heart made a little jump of joy.
Now it’s time for the new reborn SFU to bring us a new record: “Crypt of The Devil”.

Six Feet under is :
Studio line up:
Vocals – Chris Barnes
Bass and Guitars – Phil Hall
Drums – Josh “Hallhammer” Hall
Lead Guitar – Brandon Ellis

Additional solos by:
Ray Suhy on “Open Coffin Orgy”
Rebecca Scammon on “Break the Cross in Half”

Live line up:
Chris Barnes – vocals
Steve Swanson – guitar
Jeff Hughell – bass
Marco Pitruzella – drums

Crypt of the Devil
Six Feet Under - Crypt of the DevilFirst thing I noticed is the production. It’s gritty and sinister. There is a nasty vibe blasting  out of the speakers starting from note one. With a gnarling deathly growl Barnes went sicker than ever. “Gruesome” kind of took away the SFU groove and in return gave a more brutal raw SFU. “Open Coffin Orgy” starts with a typical SFU riffing, but thank god this song gets a nice sick twist. One thing still remains … love to gnarl the lyrics of the verse along. The guitar work has a nice eerie tone and just fits sublime with the zombified shrieking of Chris.

Chris must have had some good weed this time around…  “Broken Bottle Rape” ain’t a lyric most human beings would figure out when sober. All written from the perspective of a serial killer the lyrics are gruesome and nasty in a way only death metal poet Barnes can spit out. It’s all death and butchery again.

The songs on this record are pure, raw and intense which shows the skills of the other players in SFU too.  Let’s not forget that without the help of these fine musicians SFU might have gone towards that nasty deadpool of routine…

Perhaps it was leaving the Florida swamps and moving to Seattle that kept things fresh for Barnes, who knows? One thing is for sure: SFU came back with “Undead” and is going strong  on a path full of stomping raw death metal!

Score 4,2 out of 5


  1. Gruesome 3:06
  2. Open Coffin Orgy 4:22
  3. Broken Bottle Rape 3:02
  4. Break the Cross in Half 3:35
  5. Lost Remains 3:25
  6. Slit Wrists 3:54
  7. Stab 3:52
  8. The Night Bleeds 4:09
  9. Compulsion to Brutalize 3:17
  10. Eternal Darkness 4:12


Text by: Ronald van de Baan

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