Skálmöld – Með Vættum – Napalm Records – Out Now

Skálmöld – Með Vættum – Napalm Records – Out Now.

Skálmöld is a relatively young band from Iceland, having been started in August 2009. After their first release “Baldur” in 2010 they were taken under the wing of Napalm Records who have just released the band’s third full-length. Get ready for their brand of battle metal; a great mix between viking, death and folk metal!


Skálmöld is:

Baldur Ragnarsson – Guitar & Vocals
Björgvin Sigurðsson – Vocals & Guitar
Gunnar Ben – Keyboards, Vocals & Oboe
Jón Geir Jóhannsson – Drums & Vocals
Snæbjörn Ragnarsson – Bass & Vocals
Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson – Guitar & Vocals

Með Vættum
Skalmold-MedVaettumLargeThe full viking rage gets flung in your face when “Að Vori” fires off. Catchy rhythms, addictive lead guitars and an assortment of diverse vocals greet you. From beginning to end “Með Vættum” submerges you into a medieval Icelandic atmosphere of battle. It’s almost a shame that the lyrics are in the Icelandic language, because it is all based on the rules of ancient Icelandic poetry. I say almost, because the language is so interesting to hear, even more aggressive than English when it gets grunted and growled into your ears. The best parts however, are when they are actually sung like halfway during “Með Fuglum”. That is when the true beauty of the language is heard.

The mixture of styles works perfectly and in a song like “Með Drekum” you can even hear some old school NWOBHM! That’s not all there is to that song though, because with a running time of over seven minutes they really fully packed it! And that’s not even the longest song on the album, that honour goes to the very epic sounding “Með Jötnum”.
All in all it is a very diverse album, whilst still retaining one identity.

I had heard of the band before, but after listening to this album I have to state that it was a grave error to never have listened to them before. “Með Vættum” is a superb album which will surely resonate with lovers of Viking, pagan and the more mature folk metal bands!

Track list:

  1. Að Vori
  2. Með Fuglum
  3. Að Sumri
  4. Með Drekum
  5. Að Hausti
  6. Með Jötnum
  7. Að Vetri
  8. Með Griðungum

Score: 4.3 out of 5


Text: Robert Popovic

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