Slaughterfest: Onslaught – Mpire of Evil – Master – Tantara @ Dynamo Eindhoven

Onslaught not only delivered the thrashrecord of the year, with VI they are also on tour for their 30th anniversary  called  Slaughterfest!  They don’t come alone to thrash Europe. Tonight we got more legends from the metal world! What to think of Mr deathmetal himself “ Paul Speckmann with Master on stage!  And that’s not all. The icing on  the cake perhaps is of course Mpire of Evil with the mighy Mantas we all know from Venom!  With a package like that I won’t think twice of going. As an extra bonus Onslaught also brings the youngster but yet talented Tantara with them… Oh mighty this will be epic.

We arrived early at the venues, because like sometimes happens in this shady business, you meet people who become friends! So after a splendid soundcheck., Erica (guest- reporter) and I knew we are in for a real treat.

TantaraAfter the chitchat interview with Nige and Sy, it’s time to go to the front of stage to look what the youngsters from Tantara will bring us. Sadly the guys play almost for an empty room. Not that the guys care. They treat the fans who decided to show up early with a nice warming up gig. It’s true Norwegian blackmetal .. joking  its pure  Norwegian thrash of course. The guys bring the 80ties back with their energetic style. The vocals can be something that some people can fall over. But I enjoyed it. Great start for a great evening.

Paul - Master - Slaughterfest@ Dynamo Eindhoven 2013Like I said earlier tonight ain’t very crowded. Like always it’s overkill with the gigs tonight. Children of Bodom hitting the 013 stage and Female Voice Metal Fest on the same eve did kill the show-up. But less people doesn’t mean less fun. Up next it’s time for the man who played death metal when it still was just called metal. Of course we talk about MASTER. Well we can expect from this man pure honest death metal to the bone. And well that’s what we got, a honest true death metal show. No fucking bullshit but just nice raw music. I loved it!  Their drummer really is a slamming beast… awesome!

Mantas - mpire of evilUp next its Mpire of Evil. The band seemed a bit doomed this tour. Mantas had back problems and missed out so far on this tour. Dolan put on facebook that Mantas will be in Eindhoven but can’t play because his plane won’t be on time. Thank god Onslaught’s guitarplayer Leigh Chambers is a hell of a player and is able to fill the shoes of Mantas. The good chap did a great job and Mpire really was on a rollercoaster ride. After 4 songs the surprise kicked in and Leigh could switch the guitar with Mantas.  Epic moment of the show, which made the crowd going loose for the first time this night. We get treated on some Venom classics of course. It was nice to sing/shout/burp along the lyrics of songs like “Countess Bathory“ and “Black Metal“. The only sad part is that those are such great classics that the original stuff from Mpire get thrown a bit in the back. The Venom songs stole the highlights of this show. Nevertheless Mpire of Evil is a band you really must check out. Thumbs up for Dolan! What a great frontman!

Sy - Onslaught - Slaughterfest - Dynamo Eindhoven 2013
Now it’s time for the band who made a comeback with Killing Peace and since then delivered a grow with each album. They just released VI and tonight the bands kicks of with “Chaos of King“ from the new album. What a great song to start the show with. Its a fast vicious thrasher and the bands sets the tone for the evening. The sound of violence is loud tonight. This causes that Sy sometimes get a little lost in the mix. But hey, we Onslaught fans know the words by heart. So no problem. The other man with a problem tonight is Nige Rocket. Tonight  his strings broke 3 times… Talk about bad luck… On the other hand it shows how professional Onslaught is. The show just goes on and is fucking brutal. Sure we missed some guitar riffs from Nige. But it doesn’t spoil the fun. This man knows how to play! It’s great to watch how this man enjoys his playing. Nothing but respect for this man!

Nige Rockett OnslaughtSy hits the high notes on “Feul my Fire“, which is one of my favorites of the new record. Like always Sy is a very characteristic frontman. He knows how to play an audience. Jeff keeps roaring up the audience and Onslaught gets what the other bands did not achieved. The audience started a pit. Nice to see the audience finally got some sense how to act at a great gig! Leigh chambers, who already shared the stage tonight with Mpire of Evil, is showing off his guitarskills like a young god. This man is a real treat to watch playing. I love the extra energy he brings to the stage!

This man is a real treat to watch playing. I love the extra energy he brings to the stage! Mic is the masters of the drums tonight. With his drumming on the new record, he already showed he capable to push Onslaught to the next level. Live it’s just the same. As a well oiled drumming machine he gives the new stuff extra power.

The song choice is a killer tonight and we don’t have to miss out on any of the classics. Of course with the last song, the fans hit the stage again and it’s one big funny mess. Just like metal is meant to be.

Onslaught shows tonight they are worthy to headline a package as great as this one. Now I hope they come back soon and they get more audience then tonight. They fucking deserve it !

Text Ronald van de Baan

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Erica Klein October 21, 2013 at 23:21

Good to read the review,Slaughterfest was fucking awesome!I thought there would be more thrashers,but no complaining…..those who were in the audience,enjoyed this festival very much!

Igor October 23, 2013 at 21:44

Good review, true metalfans and loyal fans of Tantara, Master, M:pire of evil and the mighty onslaught had a blast !!
CoB is okay but I would skip them everyday for another great gig as this one \m/

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