Slegest – Løyndom – Dark Essence Records – Out Now

Slegest – Løyndom –  Dark Essence records – Out Now

After Ese left the norwegian Black-Metal Combo VREID it was obvious that he will be back again soon. He got the idea to make his own sound and started the project SLEGEST. In contrast to his old band SLEGEST is more rock-oriented and Ese calls his sound as BLACK SABBATH with harsh vocals

Slegest is:

Ese: Drums, guitars, bass and vocals


Slegest-front-1024x1024I could relate to the sound called  Black Sabbath  with harsh vocals….if Tony Iommi would have played the guitar with his feet. SLEGEST are not bad, but not really good at all. Because it´s simply to simple. The riffs are unsophisticated and not comparable to BLACK SABBATH at all. Only the 70s atmopshere is really cool and skillfully conjured. But simply not enough for a release that you should not miss. The compositions sound just sort of bloodless and can’t  really convince. Overall, noone really needs  “Løyndom”. It´s more or less just for hippies that like black metal or for fans of the mastermind Ese.

Tip : The opener “Ho som haustar aleine“ is pretty good and convey this lava lamp atmosphere the best.

Conclusion: “Løyndom” is a release that really will appeal to a few. Simple 70s rock mixed with black metal vocals isn´t just the taste of everybody and is really special. If the compositions where somehow more sophisticated and would have more pressure “Løyndom“ would have been something big. How this record is done ,sadly it will just drown in the masses of releases.

Score 2 out 5


1. Ho Som Haustar Aleine
2. Rooted In Knowledge
3. I Slike Stunder
4. Løgna Sin Fiende
5. The Path Of No Return
6. Faceless Queen
7. Dirt Life Death
8. Past Burden Strength


Text Sascha Schmidt –

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