Sound Storm was founded in 2002 inTurin,Italy. In October of 2005 the band decided to record six original songs in their own private studio, which resulted in the release of the demo “The Storm Is Coming”. After the EP “Northern Wilderness” they released their debut album “Twilight Opera” in 2009. After a successful tour inMexicothey got signed by Scarlet records and released their folluw up “Immortalia”.

Sound Storm  is:

Philippe D’Orange – vocals
Valerio Sbriglione – guitars
Federico Brignolo – drums
Massimiliano Flak – bass
Davide Cristofoli – keyboards & piano

Special guest & live performer
Ilaria Lucille De Santis – soprano


The title track kicks off in a bombastic way with lots of orchestration and opera vocals. But after about fifty seconds blast beats forms your true wake-up call. Singer Philippe D’Orange shows us what he is capable off with his voice the thunderous “Back To Life”. In the more melodic parts he sounds like Fabio Leoni and Michelle Luppi, but he also can produce mean screams. The music has references to Rhapsody, but the tempo is faster and this isn’t a clone of those Italian master at all! The piano from Alessandro Muscio (and the orchestration) has a great part in the sound. The drum work sounds incredible aggressive and powerful. The song is a real slap in the face for me. It makes you wonder if they can keep the power and the quality this high during the rest of the album. “The Curse Of The Moon” knows a more melodic start with some orchestration but when Valerio growls, the chills start running down my spine! Philippe switches then to a very melodic Lione voice. The high contrast between those opposite voices lift the song to a higher level. The fast piano with the following parts is pure ear candy and reminds me of that Dutch wonder boy Robby Valentine. The cherry on this lovely pie is the neoclassical inspired guitar solo from Valerio!

Keys that could have come from the Middle Ages open “Blood Of Maiden”. Philippe gets the help from soprano Ilaria Lucille De Santis on this speedy track. Some parts of the vocals are in Italian what strengthens the link with opera. The keys-guitar duo solo is the cream topping on this tasty cappucino! “Faraway” brings finally some peace and quiet. My air guitar and neck muscles are very thankful. But after a while the aggression grows again and my head starts shaking again! Mean vocals and growls takes us to another keys-guitar duel and the bass also shows his head. “Promises” is more guitar orientated. I’m in the guitar heaven when I hear Valerio squeezing his strings. The chorus is unbelievable catchy and contagious. In Sound Storm the voice can be seen (or heard) as an additional instrument. All those voice gymnastics on this album prove that a voice is a mighty an versatile instrument. “Call Me Devil” let us hear guitar in the good old Malmsteen style. The track has also a high opera feel. The melodic guitar parts gives it a fresh sound. The impressive drum work from Federico boost the power up. The classical piano sounds in the middle section brings a welcome relaxation moment.

“Seven Veils” has a real oriental feel. It starts with typical instruments from that region and soon the rhythmic percussion falls in. Even Philippe’s singing reminds me off theMiddle East. The mixture of metal with Oriental sounds has been used by others bands like Myrath andOrphanedLand. The incorporation of the opera-style vocals makes this song different from those bands mentioned before. Again Philippe throws in some Italian lyrics. The keys solo makes my musical mind think of the “Rising” album from Rainbow. The romance is back with “Watching You Fading”. Sensitive vocals from Philippe, acoustic guitars and keys in the background makes this a welcome cool down moment. But the song slowly builds up and has a superb keys solo! A wonderful song to dream away! Fast guitars, clearly inspired by the old Helloween destroy that romantic dream and D’Orange demonstrates his voice aerobatics on this faster than lightning track “Wrath Of The Storm”. “The Portrait” closes the album in pure beauty. It starts very sensitive and you expect a ballad! Nothing is further from the truth because furious guitars and thundering drums follow. Classical piano and an emotional Philippe changes the mood again. After a while the peeping guitars from Valerio are back in the picture and the circle is complete again . I almost forget to mention the lovely old school keys. Man, this album is a true revelation for me. After five minutes the pace goes up and again I become overwhelmed by the power and aggression this track breathes. Some classical orchestration tops it all off. I’m gonna hit the play button again. I’m gonna end this review by quoting Depeche Mode: “I Just Can’t Get Enough”.

An Italian friend on facebook mentioned that Sound Storm was one of her favorite bands at this moment! I never heard of them but was curious what that would sound like. The label Scarlet Records send me a promo from their latest album and I was immediately struck by lightning. This is one of those rare times that a to me unknown band surprised me with their awesome quality songs and different sound. With each listen this album grows. The power it exhales is huge and the symbiosis of metal and opera is simply mind blowing! To see this band live at work is positioned very high on my personal wish list for 2013! And what if you know the band is already confirmed for a Belgian date at Rommelrock festival and a Dutch date at Into the Limelight festival? A must go if you were me!

Score: 4,75 out of 5


  1. Immortalia
  2. Back To Life
  3. The Curse Of The Moon
  4. Blood Of Maiden
  5. Faraway
  6. Promises
  7. Call Me Devil
  8. Seven Veils
  9. WatchingYou Fading
  10. Wrath Of The Storm
  11. The Portrait


 Tekst Rik Bauters

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