The Agonist – Eye of Providence – Century Media Records – Release: Out Now

The Agonist – Eye of Providence – Century Media Records– Release: Out Now.

images (10)The Agonist is one of those bands that have been around for longer than you think, with “Eye of Providence” already being their fourth album. And even though they had to make do without the services of Alissa White-Gluz they found a terrific replacement in Vicky Psarakis. She has quite a broad vocal range, managing both screams as well as clean and even at times very emotional vocals.
The band itself really shows their long-honed skills as musicians as they pound out a lot of bite-size songs with a lot of melody and, in my opinion, just too polished rawness. The songs are very accessible and with the clean vocals this really is one of those ‘gateway bands’ that people will dig into before going towards the really heavy stuff. Just like the songs are very accessible I have to say that don’t really manage to stay with me, nor are there any real gems to be found on this album, bar the sublime “As Above So Below”.
It has turned out to be an album that you can easily recommend to people with a growing interest in metal, but at the same time people used to harder stuff will find it lacking.

Score: 3.5 out of 5


Text by: Robert Popovic

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