Review: The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns – Cyclone Empire – Release: April 22th, 2016

Review: The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns – Cyclone Empire – Release: April 22th, 2016.

I first witnessed this band almost three years ago at a local festival. I was quite smitten with the beautifully melancholic and melodic doom metal by these Italian masters. Unfortunately there were a lot of new bands for me that day, so while the name stayed with me, I kinda lost track of the band. Flash forward to earlier this year when I saw their new album drop in our library and I was instantly excited to see what “Seven Heads Ten Horns” would bring!

The Foreshadowing is:
Marco I. Benevento – Vocals
Alessandro Pace – Guitars
Andrea Chiodetti – Guitars
Francesco Sosto – Keyboards, backing vocals
Francesco Guilianelli – Bass
Giuseppe Orlando – Drums


Seven Heads Ten Horns
S37FtkbThis album tells a story of how Europe is the new Babylon and how it will fall. Every song is laced with biblical references which give it a very mournful feel, lyrics wise.

Starting off the album is ‘Ishtar’, a medieval sounding intro which manages to set the stage with a seemingly minimal, yet very deep orchestration. It really makes the impact of the opening song ‘Fall of Heroes’ all the heavier, which fires off with slow, crying guitars and heavy drums setting a sturdy pace. So much melody in such a short time, I can only feel awe. And when Marco’s mournful voice sets in the picture is complete. His voice really reminds me of Dark Tranquillity’s Mikael Stanne’s softer voice and I love it.

I’m more used to the very heavy death/doom combo, so hearing the lead guitar driven music really feels so uplifting despite its melancholic nature. Speaking of a heavier sound, ‘Two Horizons’ gives just that, or at least until the vocals and Fransesco’s keyboards join the fray.
Continuing the heavy pace is ‘New Babylon’ where the story really goes down towards the end. Luckily the album is far from over and ‘Lost Soldiers’ almost feels like a musical rebirth, with its softer tone which will certainly appeal to fans of softer gothic influenced bands like Evanescene and Lacuna Coil.

Back into the darkness we go with the Egyptian sounding ‘17’. The guitars taken an even more dramatic stance after the midway mark and it’s just pure bliss to hear those guitars cry! After that journey I’m actually a little bit disappointed with ‘Until We Fail’. It’s a good song, but it just doesn’t manage to truly grab me. Still, only one downer is very impressive and the recoup is quick with ‘Martyrdom’, which manages to liven things up with a tune throughout the song that reminds me of an old song that I just can’t put my finger on. With the kid’s choir at the end I’m almost wondering if it’s some children’s song. Until you listen to what the choir sings and the chills start…

And then it’s time for the fourteen minute 4-part closer ‘Nimrod’ to send off the listener in style. Melodic and melancholic doom metal at its finest and most epic is all I will say, so grab yourselves a copy of the album and check it out!

Such beauty in melancholy. I’m really surprised at the level of quality and polish on this album without sounding over-produced. Definitely year list material for me!

Score: 4.8 out of 5

2.Fall of Heroes
3.Two Horizons
4.New Babylon
5.Lost Soldiers
7.Until We Fail

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Cyclone Empire

Text by: Robert Popovic

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