Thy Art is Murder – Holy War – Nuclear Blast – Release: Out Now

Thy Art is Murder – Holy War – Nuclear Blast – Release: Out Now.

Australian bands have often had a hard time making their name known in Europe and the US due to the distance, making it hard to tour around and promote their name. Yet since their inception in 2006 the Australian deathcore outfit Thy Art is Murder have managed to carve quite a name for themselves, even charting their second album “Hate” from 2012.
Now, three years later it’s time to see if they can keep bringing in the heavy with “Holy War”.

Thy Art is Murder is:

Lee Stanton – Drums
Andy Marsh – Guitar
Sean Delander – Guitar
CJ McMahon – Vocals
Kevin Butler – Bass


Holy War
thyart“Holy War” has turned out to be a perfect blend of mature writing and youthful anger. From the opening haunting tones of “Absolute Genocide”, all the way towards the end with “Naked and Cold” you are constantly battered with high speed pounding, severely brutal riffs and some of the most guttural growls I’ve heard in a while.
However, it wouldn’t be deathcore if you didn’t get some of the heaviest breakdowns around and Thy Art is Murder deliver with passion. Living in an apartment I’m glad that I don’t have a big subwoofer, because some of these breakdowns would definitely get me evicted.
Like I said before, there’s a big mix of a more mature writing style of some of the older slightly technical brutal death metal bands and while your ears might get an recognisable itch here and there Thy Art is Murder have created their own music from it. Coupled with the heavy, yet not overdone, production this album is sure to turn some heads and seeing as how they have currently charted very high on the Australian album sales I reckon a lot of people will agree. It’s interesting to see how big these guys will end up!

Uncompromising and relentless Thy Art is Murder is back for another round with a strong album featuring some well-crafted and not too polished deathcore!


  1. Absolute Genocide
  2. Light Bearer
  3. Holy War
  4. Coffin Dragger
  5. Fur and Claw
  6. Deliver Us to Evil
  7. Emptiness
  8. Violent Reckoning
  9. Child of Sorrow
  10. Naked and Cold

Score: 3.9 out of 5

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Text by: Robert Popovic