TOXIC WALTZ   were founded in 2009 in Munich, Germany and are a thrash metal ensemble that is heavily influenced by the Bay Area style (e.g. Exodus, Heathen, Dark Angel).

TOXIC WALTZ deliver aggressive, but artistically demanding thrash, characterised by diversified song writing. The band’s unique style and live experience, originated with many smaller gigs and earned them bigger shows soon after which seen them share the stage with the likes of Six Feet Under, Alpha Tiger and Debauchery.  “Decades of Pain” is their debut album which will definitely will get them some serious attention.

Angelo: Vocals          
Flo: Drums
Rahman: Bass
Jimi: Lead Guitar
Alex: Rhythm Guitar

TW2 “Decades of Pain” begins with an acoustic intro which showcases the guitarist skills and lulls the listener into thinking this is going to be a light album. Suddenly, we are plummeted into the depths of hell as a full thrash assault begins and Angelo’s vocals attack our ears like bullets, guitars wail and the drums explode. Songs run seamlessly into each other and you can imagine the forces of light and dark doing battle as the music clamours, advances and retreats as Toxic Waltz drags us all into the ghastly nightmare that is war. ‘Morbid Symphony’ is a stand out song for me, it is blisteringly heavy with drums that just hammer away at your skull, furious vocals and bass and guitar wash over you like an tsunami…! What more could a thrash lover want? ‘Priest of Lie’ and ‘ Green’  are other songs that left me quite breathless and to be honest, I don’t think there is a bad song on the album and if there is then I couldn’t find it! The album artwork sums up what “Decades of Pain” consists of…it is utterly mindblowing!

This album is essential listening and left me feeling exquisitely delighted with the knowledge that thrash is safe in the hands of the younger thrash bands who are coming on the scene. Toxic Waltz have a lot to offer and I predict a long musical career for them. Keep up the good work guys, we old thrashers need bands like you \m/

Rating: 3:5/5


  1. Intro
  2. Decades Of Pain
  3. World Of Hate
  4. Toxic Hell
  5. Suicide Squad
  6. Green
  7. Morbid Symphony
  8. Priest Of Lie
  9. Obsession To Kill
Check out video of Green here:

By Regina Mitchell