unDEAD – False Prophecies – Listenable Records – Out Now

unDEAD – False Prophecies – Listenable Records – Out Now.

UndeadSometimes a little gem of pure nostalgic metal gets dropped into our inbox. This time around it is the band called unDEAD. Never heard of them before and there line-up seems to be some kind of mystery. Little can be found of this band and they keep it all creepy and eekie!
Well what do they have to offer and why take a listen? It’s very simple to tell you guys. It won’t get any closer towards the old school sound we love our death metal. This record  is just a fucking nostalgic trip and they bring us a sincere ode to bands such as DEATH, Autopsy and other mighty acts this scene had (still got) to offer. these guys brings us good solid brand new songs with just one big mighty wink to the big gods of Death N Roll.  You might wonder if this isn’t the plus one band getting on the big retro death train which is blasting for a while now.  Perhaps it is. One different thing though.  The songs all sound very familiar. But somehow these blokes kept it fresh and the songs have enough strength to its own. They let my old school heart skip for a blastbeat or two!

Go and enjoy and blast the fuck out of this record!

Score: 4 out of 5

Link: www.facebook.com/Undeadprophecies/timeline

Text: Ronald van de Baan