Venom Inc tekent deal met Nuclear Blast!

In 2015 besloten Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan en de oerleden van Venom,  Jeff  “Mantas” Dunn en Tony “Abaddon” Bray weer samen op te treden. Ditmaal onder de noemer Venom Inc, aangezien Cronos nog onder de naam Venom zijn dingen doet. Wat volgde voor de drie mannen was een immense tour. Nu in 2017 komt er eindelijk een nieuw album. Binnenkort volgen daar meer details over!

Jaap Wagemaker is trots nu deze mannen te hebben bij Nuclear Blast en meld het volgende :

“Nuclear Blast is very stoked to welcome Mantas, Abaddon and the Demolition Man as new members of the Nuclear Family! We grew up with the first three albums that Mantas and Abaddon recorded and made them legendary, and that led the foundations to black metal! I’ve also been a big fan of ATOMKRAFT with the Demolition Man as well! I’ve already had the pleasure of working with Mantas and Abaddon early 90’s when there was a tribute released, »In The Name Of Satan«, and when they did the reunion show at Dynamo Open Air! A couple of years ago I saw them perform with VENOM INC – their first ever concert at Keep It True and ever since then the band have proven to be road warriors and have played around the globe answering to the calls of their legions!

This year I received the first demos and they proved that they are still built of iron and steel and that they have returned at full force! The band is ready to write another chapter to their legendary status! It is with great pride that we welcome VENOM INC to Nuclear Blast!”

VENOM INC‘s Tony “The Demolition Man” Dolan verklaard, “It is my greatest pleasure to announce we are now part of the superb Nuclear Blast team and roster! Nuclear Blast is a label run by people who care about their art, know what they are doing and hold their artist roster, and the fans, to the highest standard and level of respect. Their roster includes some of my biggest musical heroes. Those artists, combined with our friends on the exceptional Nuclear Blast staff, are what makes this label the very best. Top artists and a great team. I feel humbled and grateful to join their ranks. I know we will give all we have to make this partnership the very best in every way it can possibly be. For this opportunity, I thank them. ALL HAIL AVE!”

VENOM INC‘s Jeff “Mantas” Dunn voegt er aan toe , “It is an absolute honor and a privilege to now be part of the Nuclear Blast roster. I would like to thank all involved in this journey and our arrival at this prestigious destination. The one thing that I think that I can proudly say is that this has been realized through sheer hard work, perseverance and determination, and of course the amazing support from our lifeblood… THE FANS. I have to admit that I am overwhelmed and humbled by the faith and belief bestowed upon us by our management and now our new home, Nuclear Blast. So now, we have a new beginning with firm foundations in every respect. MAXIMUM RESPECT!”



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